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CurrCurr - Current Currency (Exchange Rates)

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Delivers current exchange rates for EUR provided by the ECB under as PHP objects.

How to install

How to use

Request exchange rate for specific currency

Request all available exchange rates

Using PSR-16 SimpleCache

CurrCurr does not provide its own SimpleCache implementation, however it does give you the possibility to inject any PSR-16 compliant implementation into the EcbClient. You just have to wrap it with a CacheConfig instance.

You can provide your own key and time to live.

Mocking webservice response for Unit Testing your own project

CurrCurr allows you to inject your own implementation of the EcbClientInterface. But you can also use the provided EcbClientMock, which allows you to simulate 3 different responses.

Requires php Version ^7.1 || ^7.2
guzzlehttp/guzzle Version ^6.3
psr/simple-cache Version ^1.0

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