PHP Composer build server - Download your vendor folder as a binary BETA

To use this composer build server you need two things:

You will get the API Key after creating an account.

Register to get an API key

For downloading the vendor folder as a binary you need a PHP script (php-download). This PHP script creates a connection to our API and downloads the vendor folder. After the vendor folder (as ZIP file) is downloaded it extracts the files and maybe replaces the old vendor folder.

Command Line Client

For starting the download process you have to copy the file php-download exact to the location, where the vendor folder should be. After using the command php-download an intuitive wizard will start to setup the download process. On the end of the wizard you have the possibility to save your input. The second run will be silent and needs no user interaction at all. This is very useful in a automated build process.


At the moment this functionality is in a Beta status. If you have trouble or do you need some further features please contact us and we will help you.