Create a Composer project and use it on a shared hosting without SSH access

If you want to use Composer on a shared hosting, sometimes you will have the problem that there is no SSH access. But using composer without SSH access is not possible. You have to upload the composer files via FTP.

The first solution to get these files, is to set up a composer environment locally. But this is also not very easy and it contains always multiple steps to add libraries:

On this site you have a Composer user interface (UI) and you can add the packages to a composer project like in an online shop. After choosing all the packages you need, it is possible to download the composer project.

Create a Composer project and use it on a shared hosting

Use composer without SSH access

Composer user interface (UI)

There are two types for downloading composer packages. The first type is create project. This type should be used if you want to create PHP code in top of a Composer package. To simplify this: Choose create project if you want to use a PHP framework. In this case the PHP framework should be added to the project as create project. A list of PHP frameworks you can find here Popular PHP frameworks.

If you want to start your development choose START DEVELOPING. Everything will be downloaded. Later maybe you add some additional libraries. Then you have to choose UPDATE VENDORS. You will get only the vendors folder which should be replaced in your project.

The download type require should be used if you want to add external libraries to your own project. In this case you will get only a vendor folder and an example index.php file. In the vendor folder will be an autoload.php which should be included into your application.


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