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Geocode addresses to coordinates

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This package can convert any address to GPS coordinates using Google's geocoding service. Here's a quick example:

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You can install this package through composer.

Laravel installation

Though the package works fine in non-Laravel projects we included some niceties for our fellow artistans.

In Laravel 5.5 the package will autoregister itself. In older versions of Laravel you must manually install the service provider and facade.

Next, you must publish the config file :

This is the content of the config file:


Here's how you can use the Geocoder.

You can get the result back in a specific language.

You can also get all the results instead of the first one

This is how you can reverse geocode coordinates to addresses.

You can also reverse geocode coordinates to all the related addresses.

If you are using the package with Laravel, you can simply call getCoordinatesForAddress.

The accuracy key can contain these values:

You can read more information about these values on the Google Geocoding API Page

When an address is not found accuracy and formatted_address will contain result_not_found



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

Requires php Version ^7.2|^8.0
illuminate/support Version ^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
guzzlehttp/guzzle Version ^6.5|^7.0

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