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PHP Goose - Article Extractor

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PHP Goose is a port of Goose originally developed in Java and converted to Scala by GravityLabs. Portions have also been ported from the Python port python-goose. Its mission is to take any news article or article type web page and not only extract what is the main body of the article but also all metadata and most probable image candidate.

The extraction goal is to try and get the purest extraction from the beginning of the article for servicing flipboard/pulse type applications that need to show the first snippet of a web article along with an image.

Goose will try to extract the following information:

The PHP version was rewritten by:


The older 0.x versions with PHP 5.5+ support are still available under releases.


This library is designed to be installed via Composer.

Add the dependency into your projects composer.json.

Download the composer.phar

Install the library.


This library requires an autoloader, if you aren't already using one you can include Composers autoloader.



All config options are not required and are optional. Default (fallback) values have been used below.


PHP Goose is licensed by under the Apache 2.0 license, see the LICENSE file for more details.

Requires php Version >=7.1.0
ext-mbstring Version *
ext-libxml Version *
lib-libxml Version >=2.7.7
guzzlehttp/guzzle Version ^6.0|^7.0
jakeasmith/http_build_url Version 1.0.*
scotteh/php-dom-wrapper Version ^2.0

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