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About PrestaShop

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PrestaShop is an Open Source e-commerce web application, committed to providing the best shopping cart experience for both merchants and customers. It is written in PHP, is highly customizable, supports all the major payment services, is translated in many languages and localized for many countries, has a fully responsive design (both front and back office), etc. See all the available features.

PrestaShop 1.7 back office

This repository contains the source code of PrestaShop, which is intended for development and preview only. To download the latest stable public version of PrestaShop (currently, version 1.7), please go to the download page on the official PrestaShop site.

About the 'develop' branch

The 'develop' branch of this repository contains the work in progress source code for the next version of PrestaShop 1.7.

For more information on our branch system, read our guide on installing PrestaShop for development.

The first stable version of PrestaShop 1.7,, was released on November 7th, 2016. Further updates have been released since then. Learn more about it on the Build devblog.

Server configuration

To install the latest PrestaShop 1.7, you need a web server running PHP 7.1+ and any flavor of MySQL 5.0+ (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server, etc.). Versions between 1.7.0 and 1.7.6 work with PHP 5.6+.

You will also need a database administration tool, such as phpMyAdmin, in order to create a database for PrestaShop. We recommend the Apache or Nginx web servers (check out our example Nginx configuration file).

You can find more information on our System requirements page and on the System Administrator Guide.


If you downloaded the source code from GitHub, read our guide on installing PrestaShop for development. If you intend to install a production shop, make sure to download the latest version from our download page, then read the install guide for users.

Docker compose

PrestaShop can also be deployed with Docker and its tool Docker compose.

To run the software, use:

Then reach your shop on this URL: http://localhost:8001

Docker will bind your port 8001 to the web server. If you want to use other port, open and modify the file docker-compose.yml. MySQL credentials can also be found and modified in this file if needed.

Note: Before auto-installing PrestaShop, this container checks the file config/ does not exist on startup. If you expect the container to (re)install your shop, remove this file if it exists. And make sure the container user www-data has write access to the whole workspace.


For technical information (core, module and theme development, performance...), head on to PrestaShop DevDocs

If you want to learn how to use PrestaShop 1.7, read our User documentation.

First-time users will be particularly interested in the following guides:


PrestaShop is an Open Source project, and it wouldn't be possible without the help of the hundreds of contributors, who submitted improvements and bugfixes over the years. Thank you all!

If you want to contribute code to PrestaShop, read the tutorials about contribution on the documentation site.

Don't know where to start? Check the good first issue label to have a look at all beginner-friendly improvements and bug fixes.

If you want to help translate PrestaShop in your language, join us on Crowdin!

Current Crowdin status (for more than 75 registered languages): Crowdin

Reporting Issues

Our bugtracker is on GitHub. We encourage you to create detailed issues as soon as you see them.

Read our Contribute by reporting issues guide for details and tips.

Reporting Security Issues

Responsible (and private) disclosure is a standard practice when someone encounters a security problem: before making it public, the discoverer informs the Core team about it, so that a fix can be prepared, and thus minimize the potential damage.

The PrestaShop team tries to be very proactive when preventing security problems. Even so, critical issues might surface without notice.

This is why we have set up a Bug Bounty Program where anyone can privately contact us with all the details about issues that affect the security of PrestaShop merchants or customers. Our security team will answer you, and discuss of a timeframe for your publication of the details.

Understanding a security issue means knowing how the attacker got in and hacked the site. If you have those details, then please do contact us privately about it (and please do not publish those details before we answer). If you do not know how the attacker got in, please ask for help on the support forums.

Extending PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a very extensible e-commerce platform, both through modules and themes. Developers can even override the default components and behaviors. Learn more about this on the Modules documentation and the Themes documentation.

Themes and modules can be obtained (and sold!) on PrestaShop Addons, the official marketplace for PrestaShop.

Community forums

You can discuss about e-commerce, help other merchants and get help, and contribute to improving PrestaShop together with the PrestaShop community on the PrestaShop forums or on the PrestaShop Slack channel.

Thank you for downloading and using the PrestaShop Open Source e-commerce solution!

Requires php Version >=7.1.3
ext-curl Version *
ext-dom Version *
ext-fileinfo Version *
ext-gd Version *
ext-iconv Version *
ext-intl Version *
ext-json Version *
ext-zip Version *
beberlei/doctrineextensions Version ^1.0
composer/ca-bundle Version ^1.0
composer/installers Version ^1.0.21
csa/guzzle-bundle Version dev-compat-php
cssjanus/cssjanus Version dev-patch-1
curl/curl Version ^1.2.1
defuse/php-encryption Version ~2.0.1
doctrine/cache Version ^1.8
doctrine/doctrine-bundle Version ^1.6
doctrine/orm Version ^2.7
egulias/email-validator Version ^2.1
ezyang/htmlpurifier Version ^4.10
friendsofsymfony/jsrouting-bundle Version ^2.4
geoip2/geoip2 Version ~2.4.2
greenlion/php-sql-parser Version ^4.3
guzzlehttp/cache-subscriber Version ^0.2.0
guzzlehttp/guzzle Version ~5.0
incenteev/composer-parameter-handler Version ~2.0
ircmaxell/password-compat Version ^1.0.4
ircmaxell/random-lib Version ^1.2.0
jakeasmith/http_build_url Version ^1
league/tactician-bundle Version ^1.0
martinlindhe/php-mb-helpers Version ^0.1.6
matthiasmullie/minify Version ~1.3.0
mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib Version ~2.8.22
mrclay/minify Version ~2.3.0
nikic/php-parser Version ^4.0
paragonie/random_compat Version ^2.0
pear/archive_tar Version ^1.4.12
pelago/emogrifier Version ^2.1
phpoffice/phpspreadsheet Version ~1.5
prestashop/blockreassurance Version ^5
prestashop/circuit-breaker Version ^3.0
prestashop/contactform Version ^4
prestashop/dashactivity Version ^2
prestashop/dashgoals Version ^2
prestashop/dashproducts Version ^2
prestashop/dashtrends Version ^2
prestashop/decimal Version ^1.3
prestashop/graphnvd3 Version ^2
prestashop/gridhtml Version ^2
prestashop/gsitemap Version ^4
prestashop/pagesnotfound Version ^2
prestashop/productcomments Version ^4.0
prestashop/ps_banner Version ^2
prestashop/ps_categorytree Version ^2
prestashop/ps_checkpayment Version ^2
prestashop/ps_contactinfo Version ^3.2
prestashop/ps_crossselling Version ^2.0
prestashop/ps_currencyselector Version ^2
prestashop/ps_customeraccountlinks Version ^3
prestashop/ps_customersignin Version ^2
prestashop/ps_customtext Version ^4
prestashop/ps_dataprivacy Version ^2.0
prestashop/ps_emailsubscription Version ^2.5
prestashop/ps_facetedsearch Version ^3.2.1
prestashop/ps_faviconnotificationbo Version ^2
prestashop/ps_featuredproducts Version ^2
prestashop/ps_imageslider Version ^3
prestashop/ps_languageselector Version ^2
prestashop/ps_linklist Version ^4
prestashop/ps_mainmenu Version ^2
prestashop/ps_searchbar Version ~2.0.0
prestashop/ps_sharebuttons Version ^2
prestashop/ps_shoppingcart Version ^2
prestashop/ps_socialfollow Version ^2
prestashop/ps_themecusto Version ^1
prestashop/ps_wirepayment Version ^2
prestashop/sekeywords Version ^2
prestashop/statsbestcategories Version ^2
prestashop/statsbestcustomers Version ^2
prestashop/statsbestmanufacturers Version ^2
prestashop/statsbestproducts Version ^2
prestashop/statsbestsuppliers Version ^2
prestashop/statsbestvouchers Version ^2
prestashop/statscarrier Version ^2
prestashop/statscatalog Version ^2
prestashop/statscheckup Version ^2
prestashop/statsdata Version ^2
prestashop/statsequipment Version ^2
prestashop/statsforecast Version ^2
prestashop/statslive Version ^2
prestashop/statsnewsletter Version ^2
prestashop/statsorigin Version ^2
prestashop/statspersonalinfos Version ^2
prestashop/statsproduct Version ^2
prestashop/statsregistrations Version ^2
prestashop/statssales Version ^2
prestashop/statssearch Version ^2
prestashop/statsstock Version ^2
prestashop/statsvisits Version ^2
prestashop/translationtools-bundle Version ^4.0
prestashop/welcome Version ^6
sensio/distribution-bundle Version ^5.0
sensio/framework-extra-bundle Version ^5.1
shudrum/array-finder Version ^1.1.0
smarty/smarty Version ^3.1.31
soundasleep/html2text Version ^0.5.0
swiftmailer/swiftmailer Version ~6.2
symfony/monolog-bundle Version ^3.1.0
symfony/polyfill-apcu Version ^1.0
symfony/polyfill-mbstring Version ^1.12
symfony/polyfill-php73 Version ^1.10
symfony/swiftmailer-bundle Version ^3.1
symfony/symfony Version >=3.4.37
tecnickcom/tcpdf Version ^6.2.12
tijsverkoyen/css-to-inline-styles Version ^2.2
twig/twig Version ^1.38

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