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This is a Laravel 5 package allows to get the cryptocyrrency wallets information. You can use it for monitoring wallets' information in different Laravel applications, for example, like this.

It is a PHP wrapper under the and APIs.


Features list

Package provides the following features:

Supported cryptocurrencies:


Installations steps for the laravel-crypto-stats Laravel package are standard for all composer packages.

Add the latest package version in your composer.json by executing the command:

Or you can add it to your composer.json manually with the next require section edits:

And then just run the following command in your project's root folder in terminal for updating the dependencies of your project and re-generating the composer autoload files:

Good! :simple_smile: It's time to recognize the package code in your Laravel application. For this do the following steps:

Laravel < 5.5

Register the provider directly in your app configuration file config/app.php config/app.php in the providers section:

Add the facade aliases in the same file in the aliases section:

Laravel >= 5.5

For Laravel versions more than 5.5 there is a package Service Provider and Facade auto-detecting mechanizm in the framework. And the needed package settings were made for its realization, so you do not have to add Service Provider and Facade alias to the config config/app.php manually.


After the package installation into your Laravel app you may move its config file to your app's config directory for tuther customization with the following command:

At the current moment package config file which named laravel_crypto_stats.php consists of the following parameters:

The currencies array consists of the cryptocurrencies which are available by default. You can use them for viewing them at your application's UI, for example.

Important! currencies config values must be fit to the list of the package supported currencies, owervise you'll got the exception.

The etherscan_api_key parameter consists of the API key for accessing the API. It's just a link to the ETHERSCAN_API_KEY variable in the .env file. So create it and move the needed value there or place it in the etherscan_api_key config directly.

Code examples

For using package methods in your Laravel application code you should firstly include it in your class with the next code:

Available package's methods usage examples:

Package code structure

As noticed below, package is a Laravel 5 PHP wrapper for these APIs which allows to get different information about the cryptocurrency wallets:

So, there are API connectors classes in the src\Connectors folder which extends the abstract class AbstractConnector. So, if you want to add the new methods, write them into the AbstractConnector firstly.

If you want to add the new API connector, add the corresponging class to the src\Connectors folder and reorder all the abstract methods from the AbstractConnector.

Also you should inject them into the Laravel Service Container in the LaravelCryptoStatsServiceProvider and tagged them with the laravel-crypto-stats.connectors tag for API connector auto-checking in the register method. Also dublicate them in the provides method, because the LaravelCryptoStatsServiceProvider is deferred.

All general classes which needed for package's main classeswork locate in the src\Services folder.

Information for contributors

Package is open for contributing. If you want to become the contributor, send your pull requets with code changes and write issues with your propositions and bug lists.

Futher plans

In the future the following features will planned and would be added:


This package has been made with a lots of unsleeped nights and cups of coffee. So, I think, it would be fair to treat me a coffee if my work proved to be of use to you :blush:

You can show your respect by sending Ethereum to this address: 0xf55b7BD86bc72b08427E7b5748E1eDD05f1AC8bd

Or you can use WebMoney transactions to these wallets:

:heart: Thank you!

Requires php Version >=7.1.0
guzzlehttp/guzzle Version ^6.3

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