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Informations about the package google


Opauth strategy for Google authentication.

Implemented based on using OAuth 2.0.

Opauth is a multi-provider authentication framework for PHP.

Getting started

  1. Install Opauth-Google:


  2. Create a Google APIs project at

    • You do not have to enable any services from the Services tab.
    • Make sure to go to API Access tab and Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID.
    • Choose Web application for Application type
    • Make sure that redirect URI is set to actual OAuth 2.0 callback URL, usually http://path_to_opauth/google/oauth2callback
  3. Configure Opauth-Google strategy.

  4. Direct user to http://path_to_opauth/google to authenticate

Strategy configuration

Required parameters:

Optional parameters: scope, state, access_type, approval_prompt



Opauth-Google is MIT Licensed
Copyright © 2012 U-Zyn Chua (

Requires php Version >=5.2.0
opauth/opauth Version >=0.2.0

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