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Informations about the package yobitapi

Yobit Api implementation

This is a implementation of Yobit Api on PHP.

Api documentation:


1. Append to composer package requires

If it not available then try this:
1.1 Add it to composer repositories:
1.2 Add it to composer require:
1.3 Make:

2. Install PhantomJS.

It needs for get around Cloudflare. PhantomJS installation guide for ubuntu on down of readme

3. Make sure that you are not using php in safe mode

Another way PhantomJS will not be working

4. Use it ^_^

How to use?

Like a original api package have public api (\OlegStyle\YobitApi\YobitPublicApi) and trade api (\OlegStyle\YobitApi\YobitTradeApi)

Public Api usage

Trade Api usage

Make sure that you are using different public/secret keys in development and production

Thanks to

PhantomJS Installing

Before installing PhantomJS, you will need to install some required packages on your system. You can install all of them with the following command:

Next, you will need to download the PhantomJS. You can download the latest stable version of the PhantomJS from their official website. Run the following command to download PhantomJS:

Once the download is complete, extract the downloaded archive file to desired system location:

Next, create a symlink of PhantomJS binary file to systems bin dirctory:

PhantomJS is now installed on your system. You can now verify the installed version of PhantomJS with the following command:

Requires php Version >=7.1
guzzlehttp/guzzle Version ^6.3

The package olegstyle/yobitapi contains the following files

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