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Laminas\Cache provides a general cache system for PHP. The Laminas\Cache component is able to cache different patterns (class, object, output, etc) using different storage adapters (DB, File, Memcache, etc).


We provide scripts for benchmarking laminas-cache using the PHPBench framework; these can be found in the benchmark/ directory.

To execute the benchmarks you can run the following command:

Avoid Unused Cache Adapters Are Being Installed

Only necessary in 2.10+

Starting with 3.0.0, no storage adapter is required by this component and thus, each project has to specify the storage adapters which are required by the project. When migrated to 3.0.0, the replace section is not needed anymore.

With laminas-cache v2.10.0, we introduced satellite packages for all cache adapters.

In case, there is no need for several adapters in your project, you can use composer to ensure these adapters are not being installed. To make this happen, you have to specify a replace property within the composer.json of your project.

Example composer.json with Only Memory Adapter Being Installed

When using composer install on this, only the laminas/laminas-cache-storage-adapter-memory is being installed.


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