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Informations about the package word_replacer_wrapper

word replacer wrapper

replace words on .docx files and convert to pdf

install with

composer require jhon/word_replacer_wrapper


You need to install LibreOffice.


You must include vendor/autoload.php

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

Class namespace

use Jsvptf\WordReplacerWrapper\WordReplacerWrapper;

Default configuration

//template to process
$template = 'templateDirectory/test.docx';

Define data to convert

//array of ITypeTableChild elements
$tableData = [
            new Text('a'),
            new Text('b'),
            new Text('d'),
            new Table($nestedTableData),

//default configuration, array of IType elements

$data = [
    'field1' => new Text('xxxxxxxxxxx'),
    'field2' => new Table($tableData),
    'field3' => new Image('./images/test.png', 80, 80),
    'field4' => new Pagination('Page {PAGE} of {NUMPAGES}.'),
    'styleText' => new Text('some with style', [
        'size' => 20,
        'bold' => true,
        'name' => 'Courier New'

//folder for create files
$temporalDirectory = 'testOne';

$WordReplacerWrapper = new WordReplacerWrapper(
    'templateDirectory/test.docx', //docx template
    $data, //data to replace
    'prueba1', //destination folder
    'libreoffice' //libreoffice binary

//execute replace and convert to pdf
$routes = $WordReplacerWrapper->replaceData();

  string(17) "testOne/test.docx"
  string(26) "testOne/document_test.docx"
  string(25) "testOne/document_test.pdf"

Dinamic configuration

//if you want to know the required variables you can use  
$fields = $WordReplacerWrapper->getRequiredFields()

array(7) {
  string(6) "field1"
  string(6) "field3"
  string(6) "header"
  string(6) "footer"

$WordReplacerWrapper->setData(['field1' => new Text('sebastian')]);
$routes = $WordReplacerWrapper->replaceData();

  string(17) "testTwo/test.docx"
  string(26) "testTwo/document_test.docx"
  string(25) "testTwo/document_test.pdf"

Header and footer

you must add header and footer key to data, implementing a Jsvptf\WordReplacerWrapper\types\Table class and the template file MUST has content on header and footer space, you can see it on example/convertDocx.php

$data = [
    'header' => new Table($tableData),
    'footer' => new Table($tableData)

You can find the complete example on example directory

Requires phpoffice/phpword Version ^0.17.0
ncjoes/office-converter Version ^1.0
ext-zip Version *

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