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Coinbase Commerce

Note: This repository is not actively maintained.

The official PHP library for the Coinbase Commerce API.

Table of contents

PHP versions

PHP version 5.4 and above are supported.


For more details visit Coinbase API docs.

To start using this library register an account on Coinbase Commerce. You will find your API_KEY from User Settings.

Next initialize a Client for interacting with the API. The only required parameter to initialize a client is apiKey, however, you can also pass in baseUrl, apiVersion and timeout. Parameters can be also be set post-initialization:

Disable SSL Check

The API resource class provides the following static methods: list, all, create, retrieve, updateById, deleteById. Additionally, the API resource class also provides the following instance methods: save, delete, insert, update.

Each API method returns an ApiResource which represents the JSON response from the API. When the response data is parsed into objects, the appropriate ApiResource subclass will automatically be used.

Client supports the handling of common API errors and warnings. All errors that occur during any interaction with the API will be raised as exceptions.

Error Status Code
APIException *
InvalidRequestException 400
ParamRequiredException 400
ValidationException 400
AuthenticationException 401
ResourceNotFoundException 404
RateLimitExceededException 429
InternalServerException 500
ServiceUnavailableException 503


Install with composer:



Checkouts API docs More examples on how to use checkouts can be found in the examples/Resources/CheckoutExample.php file

Load checkout resource class






List method returns ApiResourceList object.

Get all checkouts


Charges API docs More examples on how to use charges can be found in the examples/Resources/ChargeExample.php file

Load charge resource class




Get all charges

Resolve a charge

Resolve a charge that has been previously marked as unresolved.

Cancel a charge

Cancels a charge that has been previously created. Note: Only new charges can be successfully canceled. Once payment is detected, charge can no longer be canceled.


Events API Docs More examples on how to use events can be found in the examples/Resources/EventExample.php file

Load event resource class



Get all events


It's prudent to be conscious of warnings. The library will log all warnings to a standard PSR-3 logger if one is configured.


Coinbase Commerce signs the webhook events it sends to your endpoint, allowing you to validate and verify that they weren't sent by someone else. You can find a simple example of how to use this with Express in the examples/Webhook folder

Verify Signature header

Testing and Contributing

Any and all contributions are welcome! The process is simple: fork this repo, make your changes, run the test suite, and submit a pull request. To run the tests, clone the repository and run the following commands:



Requires php Version >=5.4.0
guzzlehttp/guzzle Version ~5.0|~6.0
psr/http-message Version ^1.0

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