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All versions of goutte with dependencies

Informations about the package goutte

Laravel Facade for Goutte

This repository implements a simple ServiceProvider that makes a singleton instance of the Goutte client easily accessible via a Facade in Laravel. See @FriendsOfPHP/Goutte for more information about the PHP web scraper and its interfaces.

Installation using Composer

In your terminal application move to the root directory of your laravel project using the cd command and require the project as a dependency using composer.

This will add the following lines to your composer.json and download the project and its dependencies to your projects ./vendor directory:


In order to use the static interface we first have to customize the application configuration to tell the system where it can find the new service. Open the file config/app.php in the editor of your choice and add the following lines ([1], [2]):

Now you should be able to use the facade within your application. Laravel will autoload the corresponding classes once you use the registered alias.

TIP: If you retrieve a "Class 'Goutte' not found"-Exception try to update the autoloader by running composer dump-autoload in your project root.

TIP: You can use the package with Lumen as well. Register the GoutteServiceProvider in bootstrap/app.php and provide the missing path to your configuration directory in your AppServiceProvider (ref #34).


You can customize the default request options to apply to each request of the client. Copy the default configuration to your application directory first:

Open the created file in the config/goutte.php and customize the configuration options to your liking.

Have a look into the Symfony Http Client Documentation for a full list of available options.

Version Constraint

Release Supported Versions
Laravel Goutte 2.x Laravel 8
Laravel Goutte 1.6 Laravel 5/6/7

Requires php Version ^7.3|^8.0
illuminate/support Version ^8
fabpot/goutte Version ^4.0

The package weidner/goutte contains the following files

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