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Informations about the package coind


A BitCoin/DogeCoin/AltCoin client written in PHP. The goal is to allow everyone with a simple php installation to connect and interract with XXXCoins networks.

PHP Requirements

At least php 5.4 is needed, with socket support. Only 64 bits versions of php are supported, 32 bits may leads to errors. BCMath or GMP must be present (at least one). Composer is required for dependencies handling

Project Status

For now, the project is not working and is subject to heavy code lifting.

What is working

What is not working

Requires php Version >=5.4.0
niktux/addendum Version 0.4.4
aza/socket Version 1.0.2
pleonasm/merkle-tree Version 1.0.0
monolog/monolog Version 1.7.0
zendframework/zend-crypt Version 2.*
xqus/phpecc Version dev-master

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