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Collect - Illuminate Collections

Deprecated: With the separation of Illuminate's Collections package, Collect is no longer necessary :tada: . We will maintain it for the 8.0 and 9.0 releases of Laravel for the convenience of package maintainers, and will stop mirroring new major versions after 9.0, but keep the existing package here for continued support.

Import Laravel's Collections into non-Laravel packages easily, without needing to require the entire Illuminate\Support package. (Why not pull Illuminate\Support in framework-agnostic packages)

Written by Taylor Otwell as a part of Laravel's Illuminate/Support package, Collect is just the code from Support needed in order to use Collections on their own.

Lovingly split by Matt Stauffer for Tighten Co., with a kick in the butt to finally do it from @assertchris.


With Composer:


If you are a developer working on Collect and you're tasked with upgrading it to mirror a new version of Laravel, run ./ from the root directory. You can pass a parameter to target a specific Laravel version (e.g. ./ 5.7.10) or, if you don't pass a parameter, the script will find the latest tagged release and run against that.

The upgrader will pull down the appropriate source and test files for the specified version of Laravel and then run the tests.

The upgrade script requires the use of wget. It's recommended to install homebrew, and run brew install wget


Due to a dependency on Carbon, tests won't pass until you've run ./ at least once locally.



The Laravel framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. Collect consists almost entirely of Laravel source code, so maintains the same license.

Requires php Version ^7.2|^8.0
symfony/var-dumper Version ^3.4 || ^4.0 || ^5.0

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