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TNTSearch Driver for Laravel Scout - Laravel 5.3 - 8.0

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This package makes it easy to add full text search support to your models with Laravel 5.3 to 8.0.

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You can install the package via composer:

Add the service provider:

Ensure you have Laravel Scout as a provider too otherwise you will get an "unresolvable dependency" error

Add SCOUT_DRIVER=tntsearch to your .env file

Then you should publish scout.php configuration file to your config directory

In your config/scout.php add:

To prevent your search indexes being commited to your project repository, add the following line to your .gitignore file.

The asYouType option can be set per model basis, see the example below.


After you have installed scout and the TNTSearch driver, you need to add the Searchable trait to your models that you want to make searchable. Additionaly, define the fields you want to make searchable by defining the toSearchableArray method on the model:

Then, sync the data with the search service like:

php artisan scout:import App\\Post

If you have a lot of records and want to speed it up you can run (note that with this you can no longer use model-relations in your toSearchableArray()):

php artisan tntsearch:import App\\Post

After that you can search your models with:

Post::search('Bugs Bunny')->get();

Scout status

php artisan scout:status

With this simple command you'll get a quick overview of your search indices.

Image of Scout Status Command

Or you can pass a searchable model argument:

php artisan scout:status "App\Models\Post"

Image of Scout Status Command


Additionally to where() statements as conditions, you're able to use Eloquent queries to constrain your search. This allows you to take relationships into account.

If you make use of this, the search command has to be called after all queries have been defined in your controller.

The where() statements you already know can be applied everywhere.

Adding via Query

The searchable() method will chunk the results of the query and add the records to your search index.

When using constraints apply it after the constraints are added to the query, as seen in the above example.


An orderBy() statement can now be applied to the search query similar to the where() statement.

When using constraints apply it after the constraints are added to the query, as seen in the above example.


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Requires php Version >=7.1|^8
teamtnt/tntsearch Version 2.7.0
laravel/scout Version 7.*|^8.0|^8.3|^9.0
illuminate/bus Version ~5.4|^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
illuminate/contracts Version ~5.4|^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
illuminate/pagination Version ~5.4|^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
illuminate/queue Version ~5.4|^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
illuminate/support Version ~5.4|^6.0|^7.0|^8.0

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