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This bundle is used to integrate the Money library from mathiasverraes into a Symfony project.

This library is based on Fowler's Money pattern

Quick Start


Table of contents


Use Composer and install with
$ composer require tbbc/money-bundle

If you use Symfony 3 then add the bundle to AppKernel:

For Symfony 4 and higher add the bundle to config/bundles.php (if it was not automatically added during the installation of the package):

For Symfony 3, in your config.yml, add the currencies you want to use and the reference currency. For Symfony 4 and higher create a file like config/packages/tbbc_money.yml and add it there.

In your config.yml or config/packages/tbbc_money.yml, add the form fields presentations

You should also register custom Doctrine Money type:


Money Library integration

Form integration

You have 3 new form types (under Tbbc\MoneyBundle\Form\Type namespace):

Example :

Manipulating the form

With MoneyType you can manipulate the form elements with

amount_options for the amount field, and currency_options for the currency field, fx if you want to change the label.

With CurrencyType only currency_options can be used, and with SimpleMoneyType only amount_options can be used.

Saving Money with Doctrine

Solution 1 : two fields in the database

Note that there are 2 columns in the DB table : $priceAmount and $priceCurrency and only one getter/setter : getPrice and setPrice.

The get/setPrice methods are dealing with these two columns transparently.

Solution 2 : use Doctrine type

There is only one string column in your DB table. The money object is manually serialized by the new Doctrine type.

1.25€ is serialized in your DB by 'EUR 125'. This format is stable. It won't change in future releases..

The new Doctrine type name is "money".

Conversion manager

Convert an amount into another currency

Save a conversion value in a DB

Money formatter

Twig integration

PHP templating integration

Fetching ratio values from remote provider

Change the ratio provider

The ratio provider by default is base on the service 'tbbc_money.ratio_provider.ecb'

This bundles contains three ratio providers :

You can change the service to use in the config.yml file :

Additional rate providers from Exchanger

This project integrates library to work with currency exchange rates from various services.


composer require "florianv/exchanger" "php-http/message" "php-http/guzzle6-adapter"


First, you need to add services you would like to use into your services.yml file, e.g:

Second, you need to update ratio provider used by MoneyBundle on your config.yml file:


Some providers focus on a limited set of currencies, but give better data. You can use several rate providers seamlessly on your project by bundling them into the chain. If some provider does not support certain currency, next provider in the chain would be attempted.

Example of chained providers:

As you can see here 4 providers would be attempted one after another until conversion rate is found. Check this page for a fill list of supported services and their configurations:

And then you need to assign rate provider on your config.yml file:

Create your own ratio provider

A ratio provider is a service that implements the Tbbc\MoneyBundle\Pair\RatioProviderInterface. I recommend that you read the PHP doc of the interface to understand how to implement a new ratio provider.

The new ratio provider has to be registered as a service.

To use the new ratio provider, you should set the service to use in the config.yml by giving the service name.

automatic currency ratio fetch

Add to your crontab :

MoneyManager : create a money object from a float

Create a money object from a float can be a bit tricky because of rounding issues.

history of currency ratio with the pairHistoryManager

Doctrine is required to use this feature.

In order to get the ratio history, you have to enable it in the configuration and to use Doctrine.

Then you can use the service :


Two storages for storing ratios are available : CSV File, or Doctrine By default, TbbcMoneyBundle is configured with CSV File.

If you want to switch to a Doctrine storage, edit your config.yml

Update your database schema :

With the Doctrine storage, currency ratio will use the default entity manager and will store data inside the tbbc_money_doctrine_storage_ratios

Custom NumberFormatter in MoneyFormatter

The MoneyFormatter::localizedFormatMoney ( service 'tbbc_money.formatter.money_formatter' ) use the php NumberFormatter class ( ) to format money.

You can :

Using the TbbcMoneyBundle without Doctrine

You have to disable the pair history service in order to use the TbbcMoneyBundle without Doctrine.

Note : you can imagine to code your own PairHistoryManager for MongoDB or Propel, it is very easy to do. Don't hesitate to submit a PR with your code and your tests.


In your config.yml, you can :


  1. Take a look at the list of issues.
  2. Fork
  3. Write a test (for either new feature or bug)
  4. Make a PR



Philippe Le Van - - twitter : @plv
Thomas Tourlourat - Wozbe - twitter: @armetiz



what is functional:

Requires php Version >=7.1
ext-curl Version *
symfony/framework-bundle Version ^3.4|^4.0|^5.0
moneyphp/money Version ^3.0
symfony/form Version ^3.4|^4.0|^5.0
symfony/twig-bundle Version ^3.4|^4.0|^5.0
symfony/console Version ^3.4|^4.0|^5.0
symfony/dom-crawler Version ^3.4|^4.0|^5.0

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