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Informations about the package simplexlsx

SimpleXLSX class 0.8.23 (Official)

Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLSx files. MS Excel 2007 workbooks PHP reader. No addiditional extensions need (internal unzip + standart SimpleXML parser).

See also:
SimpleXLS old format MS Excel 97 php reader.
SimpleXLSXGen xlsx php writer.

Sergey Shuchkin [email protected]

Hey, bro, please ★ the package for my motivation :)

Basic Usage


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or download class here


XLSX to html table


XLSX read cells, out commas and bold headers

XLSX get sheet names and sheet indexes

Gets extend cell info by ->rowsEx()

Select Sheet

Get sheet by index

XLSX::parse remote data

XLSX::parse memory data

Get Cell (slow)

DateTime helpers

Rows with header values as keys


Classic OOP style

More examples here

Error Codes

SimpleXLSX::ParseErrno(), $xlsx->errno()

1File not foundWhere file? UFO?
2Unknown archive formatZIP?
3XML-entry parser errorbad XML
4XML-entry not foundbad ZIP archive
5Entry not foundFile not found in ZIP archive
6Worksheet not foundNot exists


v0.8.23 (2021-04-20) x10 fastest getCell, thx Jonowa for xpath idea / all private methods protected now.
v0.8.22 (2021-04-20) fixed lost hash of hyperlinks
v0.8.21 (2021-01-11) libxml_disable_entity_loader and PHP 8, thx iKlsR
v0.8.19 (2020-07-28) fixed empty shared strings xml
v0.8.18 (2020-07-21) fixed hyperlinks
v0.8.17 (2020-06-15) fixed version number, added relative pathes a/../b support in relations
v0.8.16 (2020-06-14) fixed abs pathes in relations
v0.8.15 (2020-04-28) fixed LibreOffice xml specificity, thx stephengmatthews
v0.8.14 (2020-04-03) fixed Office for Mac relations
v0.8.13 (2020-02-19) removed skipEmptyRows property (xml optimization always), added static parseFile & parseData
v0.8.12 (2020-01-22) remove empty rows (opencalc)
v0.8.11 (2020-01-20) changed formats source priority
v0.8.10 (2019-11-07) skipEmptyRows improved
v0.8.9 (2019-08-15) fixed release version
v0.8.8 (2019-06-19) removed list( $x, $y ), added bool $xlsx->skipEmptyRows, $xlsx->parseFile( $filename ), $xlsx->parseData( $data ), release 0.8.8
v0.8.7 (2019-04-18) empty rows fixed, release 0.8.7
v0.8.6 (2019-04-16) 1900/1904 bug fixed
v0.8.5 (2019-03-07) SimpleXLSX::ParseErrno(), $xlsx->errno() returns error code
v0.8.4 (2019-02-14) detect datetime values, mb_string.func_overload=2 support .!. Bitrix
v0.8.3 (2018-11-14) getCell - fixed empty cells and rows, safe now, but very slow
v0.8.2 (2018-11-09) fix empty cells and rows in rows() and rowsEx(), added setDateTimeFormat( $see_php_date_func )
v0.8.1 rename simplexlsx.php to SimpleXLSX.php, rename parse_error to parseError fix _columnIndex, add ->toHTML(), GNU to MIT license
v0.7.13 (2018-06-18) get sheet indexes bug fix
v0.7.12 (2018-06-17) $worksheet_id to $worksheet_index, sheet numeration started 0
v0.7.11 (2018-04-25) rowsEx(), added row index "r" to cell info
v0.7.10 (2018-04-21) fixed getCell, returns NULL if not exits
v0.7.9 (2018-03-17) fixed sheetNames() (namespaced or not namespaced attr)
v0.7.8 (2018-01-15) remove namespace prefixes (hardcoded)
v0.7.7 (2017-10-02) XML External Entity (XXE) Prevention (<!ENTITY xxe SYSTEM "file: ///etc/passwd" >]>)
v0.7.6 (2017-09-26) if worksheet_id === 0 (default) then detect first sheet (for LibreOffice capabilities)
v0.7.5 (2017-09-10) ->getCell() - fixed
v0.7.4 (2017-08-22) ::parse_error() - to get last error in "static style"
v0.7.3 (2017-08-14) ->_parse fixed relations reader, added ->getCell( sheet_id, address, format ) for direct cell reading
v0.7.2 (2017-05-13) ::parse( $filename ) helper method
v0.7.1 (2017-03-29) License added
v0.6.11 (2016-07-27) fixed timestamp()
v0.6.10 (2016-06-10) fixed search entries (UPPERCASE)
v0.6.9 (2015-04-12) $xlsx->datetime_format to force dates out
v0.6.8 (2013-10-13) fixed dimension() where 1 row only, fixed rowsEx() empty cells indexes (Daniel Stastka)
v0.6.7 (2013-08-10) fixed unzip (mac), added $debug param to _constructor to display errors
v0.6.6 (2013-06-03) +entryExists()
v0.6.5 (2013-03-18) fixed sheetName()
v0.6.4 (2013-03-13) rowsEx(), _parse(): fixed date column type & format detection
v0.6.3 (2013-03-13) rowsEx(): fixed formulas, added date type 'd', added format 'format'
dimension(): fixed empty sheet dimension

Requires ext-simplexml Version *
ext-zlib Version *
ext-libxml Version *

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