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Informations about the package uuid-doctrine


Use ramsey/uuid as a Doctrine field type

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The ramsey/uuid-doctrine package provides the ability to use ramsey/uuid as a Doctrine field type.

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Install this package as a dependency using Composer.



To configure Doctrine to use ramsey/uuid as a field type, you'll need to set up the following in your bootstrap:

In Symfony:

In Zend Framework:

In Laravel:


Then, in your models, you may annotate properties by setting the @Column type to uuid, and defining a custom generator of Ramsey\Uuid\UuidGenerator. Doctrine will handle the rest.

If you use the XML Mapping instead of PHP annotations.

You can also use the YAML Mapping.

Binary database columns

In the previous example, Doctrine will create a database column of type CHAR(36), but you may also use this library to store UUIDs as binary strings. The UuidBinaryType helps accomplish this.

In your bootstrap, place the following:

In Symfony:

Then, when annotating model class properties, use uuid_binary instead of uuid:


InnoDB-optimised binary UUIDs

More suitable if you want to use UUIDs as primary key. Note that this can cause unintended effects if:

More information in this Percona article and UUID Talk by Ben Ramsey (starts at slide 58).

In Symfony:

Then, in your models, you may annotate properties by setting the @Column type to uuid_binary_ordered_time, and defining a custom generator of Ramsey\Uuid\UuidOrderedTimeGenerator. Doctrine will handle the rest.

If you use the XML Mapping instead of PHP annotations.

Working with binary identifiers

When working with binary identifiers you may wish to convert them into a readable format. As of MySql 8.0 you can use the BIN_TO_UUID and UUID_TO_BIN functions documented here. The second argument determines if the byte order should be swapped, therefore when using you should pass 0 and when using you should pass 1.

For other versions you can use the following:


More information

For more information on getting started with Doctrine, check out the "Getting Started with Doctrine" tutorial.


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Copyright and License

The ramsey/uuid-doctrine library is copyright © Ben Ramsey and licensed for use under the MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.

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Requires php Version ^5.4 || ^7 || ^8
doctrine/dbal Version ^2.5 || ^3.0
ramsey/uuid Version ^3.5 || ^4

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