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Informations about the package php-mime-mail-parser


A fully tested email parser for PHP 7.2+ (mailparse extension wrapper).

It's the most effective php email parser around in terms of performance, foreign character encoding, attachment handling, and ease of use. Internet Message Format RFC 822, 2822, 5322.

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This extension can be used to...

Is it reliable?

Yes. All known issues have been reproduced, fixed and tested.

We use GitHub Actions, Codecov, Codacy to help ensure code quality. You can see real-time statistics below:

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How do I install it?

The easiest way is via Composer.

To install the latest version of PHP MIME Mail Parser, run the command below:

composer require php-mime-mail-parser/php-mime-mail-parser


The following versions of PHP are supported:

Previous Versions:

PHP Compatibility Version
HHVM php-mime-mail-parser 2.11.1
PHP 5.4 php-mime-mail-parser 2.11.1
PHP 5.5 php-mime-mail-parser 2.11.1
PHP 5.6 php-mime-mail-parser 3.0.4
PHP 7.0 php-mime-mail-parser 3.0.4
PHP 7.1 php-mime-mail-parser 5.0.5

Make sure you have the mailparse extension ( properly installed. The command line php -m | grep mailparse needs to return "mailparse".

Install mailparse extension

Ubuntu, Debian & derivatives

Php docker image

Others platforms

From source


You need to download mailparse DLL from and add the line "extension=php_mailparse.dll" to php.ini accordingly.

How do I use it?

Loading an email

You can load an email in 4 different ways – choose one:

Get the metadata of the message

Get the sender and the receiver:

Get the subject:

Get other headers:

Get the body of the message

Get attachments

Save all attachments in a directory

Get all attachments

Loop through all the Attachments

Postfix configuration to manage email from a mail server

Next you need to forward emails to this script above. For that I'm using Postfix like a mail server, you need to configure /etc/postfix/

Add this line at the end of the file (specify myhook to send all emails to the script test.php)

Edit this line (register myhook)

The php script must use the fourth method to work with this configuration.

And finally the easiest way is to use my SaaS

My sponsors

Thanks to Bertel Torp who is my first sponsor. Thanks to Will Browning who is my second sponsor.

Can I contribute?

Feel free to contribute!

git clone
cd php-mime-mail-parser
composer install

If you report an issue, please provide the raw email that triggered it. This helps us reproduce the issue and fix it more quickly.


The php-mime-mail-parser/php-mime-mail-parser is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

Requires php Version ^7.2
ext-mailparse Version *

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