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The reCAPTCHA Validator


Include Javascript API to your site:

Render reCAPTCHA in your form:


See also:


The IpValidator validates a valid ip address.

// Validation succeeded without errors


The default NumericValidator only allows for numeric (i.e. 0-9) characters. Minimum and maximum values can be specified.

Optionally, it can support float values, that is allowing a dot (.) character to separate decimals.

Optionally also signed numbers are supported.


The AlphaNumericValidator allows for alphanumeric characters. Optionally, it can allow underscores and white spaces. Minimum and maximum string lengths can be specified.


The AlphaNamesValidator allows for alphabetic, menus, apostrophe, underscore and white space characters. Optionally, it can allow also numbers (i.t. 0-9). Minimum and maximum string lengths can be specified.


The AlphaCompleteValidator allows for alphanumeric, underscore, white space, slash, apostrophe, round and square brackets/parentheses and punctuation characters. Optionally, it can allow also pipes (|), backslashes () and Url Characters (equals (=) and hashtags (#)). Minimum and maximum string lengths can be specified.

Requires php Version >=7.2
ext-phalcon Version ^4.0
ext-json Version *
ext-curl Version *

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