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Informations about the package paytrail-for-adobe-commerce

Paytrail for Adobe Commerce

Paytrail payment service for Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento 2)

WARNING: This module is not compatible with Markup/Paytrail module. Using both modules will cause errors.

Always perform a backup of your database and source code before installing any extensions.

This module has been tested on Adobe Commerce / Magento 2.4.5, 2.4.4 and 2.3.X {community|commerce} versions. Support for 2.2.X has ended and compatibility with older versions cannot be guaranteed.

Adobe Commerce system requirements per tested version can be found here.


This payment module has the following features:


The module only supports installation via composer.


  1. Make sure that you have Magento file system owner rights.
  2. Navigate to your Adobe Commerce root folder on the command line and enter:
  3. If your credentials are asked, enter your Adobe Commerce marketplace access keys.
  4. Enter command:
  5. Run the following commands:

  6. Navigate to Adobe Commerce admin interface and select Stores -> Store Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Paytrail for Adobe Commerce
  7. Enter your credentials and enable the module (Test credentials)
  8. Clear the cache

Updating from Checkout Finland

op-merchant-services/op-payment-service-for-magento-2 module has been deprecated. All of its functionality now exists as the rebranded Paytrail for Adobe Commerce module.

Updating from that module requires manual installation.

Warning! Removing op-merchant-services/op-payment-service-for-magento-2 results in payments made with Checkout Finland not refundable through Magento Admin. Payments can still be refunded through Paytrail’s Extranet.

  1. Follow the installation instructions of paytrail/paytrail-for-adobe-commerce.
  2. Navigate to Adobe Commerce admin interface and select Stores -> Store Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Checkout Finland
  3. Change Enabled to No to disable Checkout Finland payment method on checkout page

Please note that the module configurations will not carry over from Checkout Finland to Paytrail for Adobe Commerce! You will need to save these values and reapply them yourself. This also applies to the Payment Page Personalization settings!
Certain classes, functions and CSS classes have also been renamed and any third party customizations will have to be revised.


The module settings can be found from: Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Paytrail for Adobe Commerce

The module has the following settings:


This payment module supports online refunds.


  1. Navigate to Sales -> Orders and select the order you need to fully or partially refund
  2. Select Invoices from Order View side bar
  3. Select the invoice
  4. Select Credit Memo
  5. Define the items you want to refund and optionally define an adjustment fee
  6. Click Refund

Canceled order payment email notification

If the customer closes the browser window right after completing the payment BUT before returning to the store, Adobe Commerce is left with a “Pending payment” status for the order. This status has a timeout, so if the payment confirmation does not arrive within 8 hours of the purchase, Adobe Commerce automatically cancels the order. Paytrail informs Adobe Commerce of a payment that has gone through, but it may take over 8 hours.

When the confirmation is finally made, Adobe Commerce registers the transaction to the order and changes the order status to Processing. But since the stock may have changed in the interim, the items are still cancelled. The merchant will receive an email informing about the payment that has gone through, but they have to manually go to said order, make sure the items are still available, and click “Restore order” to be able to ship it.

Adjust the timeout
The timeout period of 8 hours can be adjusted in Adobe Commerce configuration. A longer period may allow for Paytrail to confirm the order before it gets canceled, but it also reserves the stock for that exact time.

  1. Go to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales -> Orders Cron Settings
  2. Adjust the Pending Payment Order Lifetime (minutes) value to your liking.

Order status

Pending Payment
Assigned to an order when customer is redirected to the payment provider of their choosing.

Pending Paytrail Payment Service
Assigned to an order if Paytrail for Adobe Commerce is still waiting for a confirmation of payment. Applies to invoices, such as Collector.

Assigned to an order once payment is completed and items are ready for shipping.

Assigned to an order if Pending Payment status has been active for over 8 hours.

Available statuses:

Multiple stores

If you have multiple stores, you can set up the payment module differently depending on the selected store. In configuration settings, there is a selection for Store View.

By changing the Store View, you can define different settings for each store within the Adobe Commerce instance.

Rounding problems with certain providers (Collector)

In some cases, this module might send a so-called "rounding-row" item in the order data, which might result in an error if this value is negative (this has been observed with Collector payment method). This is related to how Adobe Commerce calculates and rounds taxes and how this module compensates for possible mismatches between the total and sum of individual items.

There are three algorithms for tax calculation in Adobe Commerce which can be set in Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax -> Tax Calculation Method Based On

If the described error occurs when the calculation algorithm is Total based, changing it to Unit Price based might result in tax calculation with no mismatches.

Note: Changing the setting does not mean that the Unit Price based algorithm is better than Total or Row Total based, all three can have rounding issues in certain situations that can be resolved by choosing one of the other algorithms. The algorithms end up with the same calculations majority of the time.

Disclaimer: This open source module is provided to help merchants get started with our payment service. However, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee that the module will work as intended and provide limited support for it. Use at your own risk.

All versions of paytrail-for-adobe-commerce with dependencies

PHP Build Version
Package Version
Requires php Version ^7.3|^8.0
paytrail/paytrail-php-sdk Version 2.3.*
ext-curl Version *
Composer command for our command line client (download client) This client runs in each environment. You don't need a specific PHP version etc. The first 20 API calls are free. Standard composer command

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