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On this page you can find all versions of the php package open-data/od. It is possible to download/install these versions without Composer. Possible dependencies are resolved automatically.

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All versions of od with dependencies

Requires ckeditor/autogrow Version 4.8.0
ckeditor/codemirror Version v1.17.3
ckeditor/fakeobjects Version 4.8.0
ckeditor/image Version 4.8.0
ckeditor/link Version 4.6.2
codemirror/codemirror Version 5.31.0
composer/installers Version ^1.2
cweagans/composer-patches Version 1.6.4
d3js/d3 Version 5.1.0
drupal-composer/drupal-scaffold Version ^2.0.0
drupalwxt/wxt Version ^2.2
drupal/address Version 1.4
drupal/autologout Version 1.0.0
drupal/core Version ^8
drupal/chosen Version 2.5
drupal/config_installer Version 1.8
drupal/csv_serialization Version 1.3
drupal/entityqueue Version 1.0-alpha7
drupal/exposed_sort_block Version dev-master
drupal/external_entities Version 1.0-alpha2
drupal/facets Version 1.1
drupal/flag Version 4.0-alpha3
drupal/fontawesome Version ^2.12
drupal/google_analytics Version 2.2
drupal/google_analytics_reports Version 3.0-beta1
drupal/honeypot Version 1.27
drupal/icon Version dev-1.x#2bcdf76
drupal/memcache Version 2.0.0-alpha5
drupal/memcache_storage Version 1.0.0-beta2
drupal/password_strength Version 2.0.0-alpha2
drupal/purge Version 3.0.0-beta8
drupal/quicktabs Version 3.0-alpha2
drupal/recreate_block_content Version 2.0
drupal/redirect Version 1.2
drupal/reference_table_formatter Version 1.0-rc4
drupal/search_api Version 1.8
drupal/search_api_solr Version 2.0-rc1
drupal/session_limit Version 1.0.0-beta3
drupal/token Version 1.1.0
drupal/vote_up_down Version dev-1.x#89fc5a1
drupal/votingapi Version 3.0-alpha7
drupal/votingapi_widgets Version 1.0-alpha4
drupal/views_block_filter_block Version 1.0-beta1
drupal/views_data_export Version 1.0-beta1
drupal/views_field_view Version 1.0-beta2
drupal/views_templates Version 1.0-alpha1
drupal/xls_serialization Version 1.0
enyo/dropzone Version ^5.4
fortawesome/font-awesome Version ^4.7
harvesthq/chosen Version 1.6.1
jquery/geocomplete Version 1.7.0
jquery/icheck Version 1.0.2
jquery/image-picker Version 0.3.0
jquery/inputmask Version 3.3.10
jquery/intl-tel-input Version 12.1.0
jquery/rateit Version 1.1.1
jquery/select2 Version 4.0.5
jquery/timepicker Version 1.11.12
jquery/toggles Version 4.0.0
jquery/word-and-character-counter Version 2.5.1
open-data/external_comment Version dev-8.x-1.x
open-data/od_bootstrap Version dev-8.x-2.x
progress-tracker/progress-tracker Version 1.4.0
signature_pad/signature_pad Version 2.3.0

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