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Informations about the package detect-encoding

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Detect encoding

Text encoding definition class based on a range of code page character numbers.

So far, in PHP v7.* the mb_detect_encoding function does not work well. Therefore, you have to somehow solve this problem. This class is one solution.

Built-in encodings and accuracy:

letters -> 5 15 30 60 120 180 270
windows-1251 99.13 98.83 98.54 99.04 99.73 99.93 100.0
koi8-r 99.89 99.98 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0
iso-8859-5 81.79 99.27 99.98 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0
ibm866 99.81 99.99 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0
MacCyrillic 12.79 47.49 73.48 92.15 99.30 99.94 100.0

Worst accuracy with MacCyrillic, you need at least 60 characters to determine this encoding with an accuracy of 92.15%. Windows-1251 encoding also has very poor accuracy. This is because the numbers of their characters in the tables overlap very much.

Fortunately, MacCyrillic and ibm866 encodings are not used to encode web pages. By default, they are disabled in the script, but you can enable them if necessary.

letters -> 5 10 15 30 60
windows-1251 99.40 99.69 99.86 99.97 100.0
koi8-r 99.89 99.98 99.98 100.0 100.0
iso-8859-5 81.79 96.41 99.27 99.98 100.0

The accuracy of the determination is high even in short sentences from 5 to 10 letters. And for phrases from 60 letters, the accuracy of determination reaches 100%.

Determining the encoding is very fast, for example, text longer than 1,300,000 Cyrillic characters is checked in 0.00096 sec. (on my computer)

Link to the idea:


Composer (recommended) Use Composer to install this library from Packagist: onnov/captcha

Run the following command from your project directory to add the dependency:

Alternatively, add the dependency directly to your composer.json file:

The classes in the project are structured according to the PSR-4 standard, so you can also use your own autoloader or require the needed files directly in your code.


Tests and examples for the project

Symfony use

Add in services.yaml file:

Requires php Version >=7.3
ext-iconv Version *

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