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Informations about the package spreadsheet-reader

spreadsheet-reader is a PHP spreadsheet reader that differs from others in that the main goal for it was efficient data extraction that could handle large (as in really large) files. So far it may not definitely be CPU, time or I/O-efficient but at least it won't run out of memory (except maybe for XLS files).

So far XLSX, ODS and text/CSV file parsing should be memory-efficient. XLS file parsing is done with php-excel-reader from which, sadly, has memory issues with bigger spreadsheets, as it reads the data all at once and keeps it all in memory.



All data is read from the file sequentially, with each row being returned as a numeric array. This is about the easiest way to read a file:

However, now also multiple sheet reading is supported for file formats where it is possible. (In case of CSV, it is handled as if it only has one sheet.)

You can retrieve information about sheets contained in the file by calling the Sheets() method which returns an array with sheet indexes as keys and sheet names as values. Then you can change the sheet that's currently being read by passing that index to the ChangeSheet($Index) method.


If a sheet is changed to the same that is currently open, the position in the file still reverts to the beginning, so as to conform to the same behavior as when changed to a different sheet.


From the command line:

php test.php path-to-spreadsheet.xls

In the browser:


Notes about library performance



All of the code in this library is licensed under the MIT license as included in the LICENSE file, however, for now the library relies on php-excel-reader library for XLS file parsing which is licensed under the PHP license.

Requires php Version >= 5.3.0
ext-zip Version *

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