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mPDF QR code library

QR code generating library with HTML/PNG/mPDF output possibilities.

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This is based on QrCode library bundled with mPDF until v8.0, made by Laurent Minguet. It is provided under LGPL license.


$ composer require mpdf/qrcode



use Mpdf\QrCode\QrCode;
use Mpdf\QrCode\Output;

$qrCode = new QrCode('Lorem ipsum sit dolor');

$output = new Output\Png();

// Save black on white PNG image 100px wide to filename.png
$output->output($qrCode, 100, [255, 255, 255], [0, 0, 0], 'filename.png');

Requires php Version ^5.6 || ^7.0 || ^8.0
paragonie/random_compat Version ^1.4|^2.0|^9.99.99

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