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Wallet Package for Laravel that allows you to maintain credits for your users.

It supports multiple currencies and you can add your own curriences too. Fork of:

Version 1.1


To install the package, include the following in your composer.json.

And then include the following service provider in your app.php.

Also add Alias.

Lastly, publish the config.

NOTE: Remove database Migrations Files before publising

  • create_wallet_currencies_table.php
  • create_wallets_table.php
  • create_wallet_transactions_table.php



  • Response: Currency iso Array

  • Response: WalletCurrency Model or null

  • Response: True or False

  • Response: True or False


  • Response: Wallet Model or null

  • Response: True or False


  • Response: WalletTransaction Model or array()

  • Response: User balance -> decimal(13, 4)

  • Response: True or False

  • Response: True or False

  • Response: True or False

  • Response: decimal(13, 4)

  • Response: decimal(13, 4)

Requires ext-curl Version *

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