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On this page you can find all versions of the php package markbaker/matrix. It is possible to download/install these versions without Composer. Possible dependencies are resolved automatically.


After the download, you have to make one include require_once('vendor/autoload.php');. After that you have to import the classes with use statements.

If you use only one package a project is not needed. But if you use more then one package, without a project it is not possible to import the classes with use statements.

In general, it is recommended to use always a project to download your libraries. In an application normally there is more than one library needed.
Some PHP packages are not free to download and because of that hosted in private repositories. In this case some credentials are needed to access such packages. Please use the auth.json textarea to insert credentials, if a package is coming from a private repository. You can look here for more information.

  • Some hosting areas are not accessible by a terminal or SSH. Then it is not possible to use Composer.
  • To use Composer is sometimes complicated. Especially for beginners.
  • Composer needs much resources. Sometimes they are not available on a simple webspace.
  • If you are using private repositories you don't need to share your credentials. You can set up everything on our site and then you provide a simple download link to your team member.
  • Simplify your Composer build process. Use our own command line tool to download the vendor folder as binary. This makes your build process faster and you don't need to expose your credentials for private repositories.
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All versions of matrix with dependencies

Informations about the package matrix


PHP Class for handling Matrices

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Matrix Transform

Matrix Transform

This library currently provides the following operations:

together with functions for

and classes for



Important BC Note

If you've previously been using procedural calls to functions and operations using this library, then from version 3.0 you should use MarkBaker/PHPMatrixFunctions instead (available on packagist as markbaker/matrix-functions).

You'll need to replace markbaker/matrixin your composer.json file with the new library, but otherwise there should be no difference in the namespacing, or in the way that you have called the Matrix functions in the past, so no actual code changes are required.

You should not reference this library (markbaker/matrix) in your composer.json, composer wil take care of that for you.


To create a new Matrix object, provide an array as the constructor argument

The Builder class provides helper methods for creating specific matrices, specifically an identity matrix of a specified size; or a matrix of a specified dimensions, with every cell containing a set value.

Will create a matrix of 5 rows and 3 columns, filled with a 1 in every cell; while

will create a 3x3 identity matrix.

Matrix objects are immutable: whenever you call a method or pass a grid to a function that returns a matrix value, a new Matrix object will be returned, and the original will remain unchanged. This also allows you to chain multiple methods as you would for a fluent interface (as long as they are methods that will return a Matrix result).

Performing Mathematical Operations

To perform mathematical operations with Matrices, you can call the appropriate method against a matrix value, passing other values as arguments

or pass all values to the appropriate static method

You can pass in the arguments as Matrix objects, or as arrays.

If you want to perform the same operation against multiple values (e.g. to add three or more matrices), then you can pass multiple arguments to any of the operations.

Using functions

When calling any of the available functions for a matrix value, you can either call the relevant method for the Matrix object

or you can call the static method, passing the Matrix object or array as an argument


The library also provides classes for matrix decomposition. You can access these using

or alternatively us the Decomposition factory, identifying which form of decomposition you want to use

Requires php Version ^7.1 || ^8.0

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