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PHP Number to words converter

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This library allows you to convert a number to words.


Add package to your composer.json by running:


This library currently has two types of number-to-words transformations: number and currency. In order to use a specific transformer for certain language you need to create an instance of NumberToWords class and then call a method which creates a new instance of a transformer;

Number Transformer

Before using a transformer, it must be created:

Then it can be used passing in numeric values to the toWords() method:

Currency Transformer

Creating a currency transformer works just like a number transformer.

Then it can be used passing in numeric values for amount and ISO 4217 currency identifier to the toWords() method:

Please bear in mind, the currency transformer accepts integers as the amount to transform. It means that if you store amounts as floats (e.g. 4.99) you need to multiply them by 100 and pass the integer (499) as an argument.

Available locale

Language Identifier Number Currency
Albanian al + +
Belgian French fr_BE + -
Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR + +
Bulgarian bg + -
Czech cs + -
Danish dk + +
Dutch nl + -
English en + +
Estonian et + -
Georgian ka + +
German de + +
French fr + +
Hungarian hu + +
Indonesian id + -
Italian it + -
Lithuanian lt + +
Latvian lv + +
Malay ms + -
Persian fa + -
Polish pl + +
Romanian ro + +
Slovak sk + +
Spanish es + +
Russian ru + +
Swedish sv + -
Turkish tr + +
Turkmen tk + +
Ukrainian ua + +
Yoruba yo + +


Many transformers were ported from the pear/Numbers_Words library. Some of them were created from scratch by contributors. Thank you!

Version 2.x - BC and major changes

Questions and answers

Q: I found a bug. What should I do?

A: Please report an issue on GitHub. Also feel free to fix it and open a pull request. I don't know most of those languages that the library supports, so your help and contribution would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Q: My language is missing. Could you add it, please?

A: Unfortunately, there's a high chance I don't know your language. Feel free to implement the missing transformer and open a pull request. You can take a look at the existing transformers, and follow the same pattern as other languages do.

Requires php Version >=5.6|>=7.1

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