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Informations about the package jsonapi-behat-extension

JSON API Behat Extension

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The JSON API Behat Extension provides step definitions for common testing scenarios specific to JSON APIs. It comes with easy ways to handle authentication through OAuth.


Recommended installation is by running the composer require command. This will install the latest stable version of this extension.

composer require kielabokkie/jsonapi-behat-extension --dev


To use this extension you will have to add it under the extensions in your behat.yml file.

        Kielabokkie\BehatJsonApi: ~

Default parameters

Out of the box this extension has the following default parameters:

parameter value
base_url http://localhost:8000
oauth_uri /v1/oauth/token
oauth_client_id testclient
oauth_client_secret testsecret
oauth_use_bearer_token false
oauth_password_grant_requires_client_credentials false

You can overwrite any of these parameters in the behat.yml file as needed.

                    uri: /v1/oauth/token
                    client_id: myClientId
                    client_secret: myClientSecret
                    use_bearer_token: true
                    password_grant_requires_client_credentials: true

Optional parameters

To avoid having to use OAuth to retrieve an access token for each API call you can also specify an optional access_token in the parameters:

                access_token: 90dabed99acef998fd3e35280f2a0a3c30c00c8d


To use the step definitions provided by this extension just load the context class in your suites:

You will then have access to the following step definitions:

@Given I use the access token
@Given I use access token :token
@Given I oauth with :username and :password
@Given I oauth with :username and :password and scope :scope
@Given I oauth using the client credentials grant
@Given I oauth using the client credentials grant with scope :scope
@Given I oauth using the client credentials grant with :id and :secret
@Given I oauth using the client credentials grant with :id and :secret and scope :scope
@Given I add a :header header with the value :value
@Given I have the payload:
@When /^I request "(GET|PUT|PATCH|POST|DELETE) ([^"]*)"$/
@Then I get a :statuscode response
@Then scope into the :scope property
@Then scope into the first :scope element
@Then the structure matches:
@Then the :field property is an object
@Then the :field property is an array
@Then the :field property is an array with :count items
@Then the :field property is an empty array
@Then the :field property is an integer
@Then the :field property is a integer equaling/equalling :expected
@Then the :field property is a string
@Then the :field property is a string equaling/equalling :expected
@Then the :field property is a boolean
@Then the :field property is a boolean equaling/equalling :expected
@Then /^echo last request$/
@Then /^echo last response$

To get a list of all available step definitions including examples you can run the following command:

$ vendor/bin/behat -di

Override the base url

In some cases you might want to override the base url for a specific suite. Below is an example of a behat.yml file. Here the custom url is passed to the FeatureContext under the hooks suite.

        - %paths.base%/tests/Behat/features/bootstrap
                - %paths.base%/tests/Behat/features/api
                - Kielabokkie\BehatJsonApi\Context\JsonApiContext: ~
                - %paths.base%/tests/Behat/features/hooks
                - Kielabokkie\BehatJsonApi\Context\JsonApiContext:
        Kielabokkie\BehatJsonApi: ~

Requires php Version >=5.4
behat/behat Version ~3.0
kriswallsmith/buzz Version 0.15.2
phpunit/phpunit Version >=5.7

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