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A small, independent wrapper to get pretty versions strings of your dependencies.


To install, use Composer:


This package was born as a thin wrapper for ocramius/package-versions; with the advent of Composer 2, this is no longer needed, since we can use directly Composer\InstalledVersions. This led to this version compatibility chart:

pretty-package-versions Composer Dependency used
Up to 1.2 1.x only ocramius/package-versions
1.3 Both 1.x and 2.x composer/package-versions-deprecated, fork of ocramius/package-versions
1.4 2.x only None
1.5+ Both 1.x and 2.x composer/package-versions-deprecated, fork of ocramius/package-versions
2.0 2.x only None

This means that, with this package, you can obtain pretty versions without tying your user to any specific Composer version, with a smooth upgrade path. The release of 1.4 was reverted due to some discussion in #21 and related issues.


This package should be used with a single class, Jean85\PrettyVersions: it provides a single method that returns a Jean85\Version object for the requested package, like in this example:

The Version class has also a __toString() method implemented, so it can be easily cast to a string; the result would be the same as calling the getPrettyVersion() method.

Available methods

The Jean85\Version class has these public methods available:

Since 1.5

Since the 1.5 release, there are two additional methods available:

Before 2.0

The methods with reference in the name were introduced in the 2.0 release, to better reflect the meaning of the data retrieved from Composer 2 API. The behavior is the same as the old methods, which are still present but deprecated:

New method Old, deprecated method
Version::getReference() Version::getCommitHash()
Version::getShortReference() Version::getShortCommitHash()
Version::getVersionWithShortReference() Version::getVersionWithShortCommit()

Requires php Version ^7.1|^8.0
composer-runtime-api Version ^2.0.0

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