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Help wanted: This library is officially depreciated and will only be actively maintained by the community, for full support use the Javascript API.
Pull requests are welcome.

PHP Binance API

This project is designed to help you make your own projects that interact with the Binance API. You can stream candlestick chart data, market depth, or use other advanced features such as setting stop losses and iceberg orders. This project seeks to have complete API coverage including WebSockets.


Click for help with installation ## Install Composer If the above step didn't work, install composer and try again. #### Debian / Ubuntu Composer not found? Use this command instead: #### Windows: [Download installer for Windows](

Getting started

composer require jaggedsoft/php-binance-api

See additional options for more options and help installing on Windows

Rate Limiting

This Feature is in beta, you can start using rate limiting as a wrapper to the main API class.


Security - CA Bundles

If you don't know what a CA bundle is, no action is required. If you do know and you don't like our auto upate feature. You can disable the downloading of the CA Bundle

Get latest price of all symbols

View Response

Get latest price of a symbol

Get miniTicker for all symbols

View Response

Get balances for all of your positions, including estimated BTC value

View Response

Get all bid/ask prices

View Response

Place a LIMIT order

Place a MARKET order

View Response

Place a STOP LOSS order

Place an ICEBERG order

Getting 24hr ticker price change statistics for a symbol

Complete Account Trade History

View Response

Get Market Depth

Get Open Orders

Get Order Status

Cancel an Order

Market History / Aggregate Trades

Get all account orders; active, canceled, or filled.

Get Kline/candlestick data for a symbol

View Response

WebSocket API

miniTicker return the latest candlestick information for every symbol

View Response

Realtime Complete Chart Updates via WebSockets

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Get latest candlestick data only

Trade Updates via WebSocket

Get ticker updates for all symbols via WebSocket

Get ticker updates for a specific symbol via WebSocket

Realtime updated depth cache via WebSockets

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User Data: Account Balance Updates, Trade Updates, New Orders, Filled Orders, Cancelled Orders via WebSocket

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Withdraw with addressTag

Get All Withdraw History

Get Withdraw History for a specific asset

Get Deposit Address

Get All Deposit History


If you get the following errors, please synchronize your system time.


Installing on Windows

Download and install composer:

  2. Create a folder on your drive like C:\Binance
  3. Run command prompt and type cd C:\Binance
  4. Once complete copy the vendor folder into your project.

Config file in home directory

If you dont wish to store your API key and secret in your scripts, load it from your home directory

Config file in home directory to operate on testnet

Testnet have its own credentials, see the testnet documentation page for more details.

Config file in home directory with curl options

Optionally add proxy configuration

custom location

Basic stats: Get api call counter

Basic stats: Get total data transferred

Security - Disable downloading of CA Bundles

You can disable the downloading of the CA Bundle:


There are also numerous other formats available here:


Requires php Version >=7.0
ext-curl Version *
ratchet/pawl Version ^0.3.0
react/socket Version ^1.0 || ^0.8 || ^0.7
ratchet/rfc6455 Version ^0.3

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