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All versions of database with dependencies

Informations about the package database

Illuminate Database

The Illuminate Database component is a full database toolkit for PHP, providing an expressive query builder, ActiveRecord style ORM, and schema builder. It currently supports MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite. It also serves as the database layer of the Laravel PHP framework.

Usage Instructions

First, create a new "Capsule" manager instance. Capsule aims to make configuring the library for usage outside of the Laravel framework as easy as possible.

composer require "illuminate/events" required when you need to use observers with Eloquent.

Once the Capsule instance has been registered. You may use it like so:

Using The Query Builder

Other core methods may be accessed directly from the Capsule in the same manner as from the DB facade:

Using The Schema Builder

Using The Eloquent ORM

For further documentation on using the various database facilities this library provides, consult the Laravel framework documentation.

Requires php Version ^7.3|^8.0
ext-json Version *
illuminate/collections Version ^8.0
illuminate/container Version ^8.0
illuminate/contracts Version ^8.0
illuminate/macroable Version ^8.0
illuminate/support Version ^8.0
symfony/console Version ^5.1.4

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