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After the download, you have to make one include require_once('vendor/autoload.php');. After that you have to import the classes with use statements.

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Informations about the package browser-detect

Browser Detection Logo

Browser Detection v5.0 by hisorange

Latest Stable Version Build Coverage Status Total Downloads License

Easy to use package to identify the visitor's browser details and device type. Magic is not involved the results are generated by multiple well tested and developed packages.

Supports every Laravel version between 4.0 » 10.x; Also tested on every PHP version between 5.6 » 8.2.

How to install

Yep, it's ready to be used by You! ^.^

How to use

In Your code just call the Browser facade:

Even in Your blade templates:

Easy peasy, ain't it?

Version support

The following matrix has been continuously tested by the great and awesome GitHub Actions!

----- Browser Detect 1.x Browser Detect 2.x Browser Detect 3.x Browser Detect 4.x Browser Detect 5.x
Laravel 4.x - - -
Laravel 5.x - - -
Laravel 6.x - - - -
Laravel 7.x - - - -
Laravel 8.x - - - 4.4+ -
Laravel 9.x - - - 4.4+
Laravel 10.x - - - -
Standalone - - - 4.2+

Since 2013 the package runs tests on every possible PHP / Laravel version matrix.

Standalone mode, without Laravel!

Based on community requests; Now You can use the library without Laravel. Just simply use the Parser class as a static object.

Available API calls

Every call on the Browser facade is proxied to a result object, so the following information are available on Your result too, where You can use the [array] syntax to access them.

Call Response Internal Type
Browser::userAgent() Current visitor's HTTP_USER_AGENT string. (string)
Browser::isMobile() Is this a mobile device. (boolean)
Browser::isTablet() Is this a tablet device. (boolean)
Browser::isDesktop() Is this a desktop computer. (boolean)
Browser::isBot() Is this a crawler / bot. (boolean)
Browser::deviceType() Enumerated response for [Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, and Bot] (string)
Browser related functions
Browser::browserName() Browser's human friendly name like Firefox 3.6, Chrome 42. (string)
Browser::browserFamily() Browser's vendor like Chrome, Firefox, Opera. (string)
Browser::browserVersion() Browser's human friendly version string. (string)
Browser::browserVersionMajor() Browser's semantic major version. (integer)
Browser::browserVersionMinor() Browser's semantic minor version. (integer)
Browser::browserVersionPatch() Browser's semantic patch version. (integer)
Browser::browserEngine() Browser's engine like: Blink, WebKit, Gecko. (string)
Operating system related functions
Browser::platformName() Operating system's human friendly name like Windows XP, Mac 10. (string)
Browser::platformFamily() Operating system's vendor like Linux, Windows, Mac. (string)
Browser::platformVersion() Operating system's human friendly version like XP, Vista, 10. (integer)
Browser::platformVersionMajor() Operating system's semantic major version. (integer)
Browser::platformVersionMinor() Operating system's semantic minor version. (integer)
Browser::platformVersionPatch() Operating system's semantic patch version. (integer)
Operating system extended functions
Browser::isWindows() Is this a windows operating system. (boolean)
Browser::isLinux() Is this a linux based operating system. (boolean)
Browser::isMac() Is this an iOS or Mac based operating system. (boolean)
Browser::isAndroid() Is this an Android operating system. (boolean)
Device related functions
Browser::deviceFamily() Device's vendor like Samsung, Apple, Huawei. (string)
Browser::deviceModel() Device's brand name like iPad, iPhone, Nexus. (string)
Browser vendor related functions
Browser::isChrome() Is this a chrome browser. (boolean)
Browser::isFirefox() Is this a firefox browser. (boolean)
Browser::isOpera() Is this an opera browser. (boolean)
Browser::isSafari() Is this a safari browser. (boolean)
Browser::isIE() Checks if the browser is an some kind of Internet Explorer (or Trident) (boolean)
Browser::isIEVersion() Compares to a given IE version (boolean)
Browser::isEdge() Is this a microsoft edge browser. (boolean)
Browser::isInApp() Check for browsers rendered inside applications like android webview. (boolean)

Configuration, personalization

If You are using Laravel then after installation run the following command:

For standalone mode to apply Your custom configuration:

Since the package aims to be easy to use, there is not much to configure. But You can customize the cache and security values.

Advanced Usage Information

The code is designed to be an easy to use style, so every call You make on the Browser facade will access the result object and get the data for You, but You can parse agents other than the current user's.

Worthy notion! The parser only parsing each user agent string once and then caches it, it uses an in-memory runtime cache for multiple calls in a single page load; And it will use the application's cache to persist the result for a week or so, this should provide You with a sufficient caching mechanism so the detection will cost less than 0.02 millisecond, this was tested with an 80,000 fake visit.


See the detailed changes in the CHANGELOG file.

All versions of browser-detect with dependencies

PHP Build Version
Package Version
Requires php Version ^8.1
ua-parser/uap-php Version ~3.9
league/pipeline Version ^1.0
mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib Version ~4.0
jaybizzle/crawler-detect Version ~1.2
matomo/device-detector Version ^6.0
Composer command for our command line client (download client) This client runs in each environment. You don't need a specific PHP version etc. The first 20 API calls are free. Standard composer command

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