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CoinPayments v3

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Coinpayment Laravel Package


CoinPayment is a Laravel package for handling transactions from CoinPayment like a create transaction, history transaction, etc.

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Version support

version laravel
v1.1.3 5.6
v2.0.0 5.8
v2.0.3 6.x
Current Version ^8.x


You can install this package via composer:

Publishing vendor

Install CoinPayment configuration

Installation finish.

Getting Started

Create Button transaction. Example placed on your controller

Listening status transaction

Open the Job file App\Jobs\CoinpaymentListener for the listen the our transaction and proccess

Manual check without IPN

This function will execute orders without having to wait for the process from IPN

We can also make cron to run this function if we don't use IPN

Get histories transaction Eloquent

IPN Route

Except this path /coinpayment/ipn into csrf proccess in App\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken

Promote New Features

Now you can integrate you coinpayment transaction with Ladmin (Laravel Admin scaffolding). You just buy for the package price starting at $ 7.25 per version.

What is the features?

For details source visit the pakcage Ladmin CoinPayment

Preview Plugin


Cannot use object of type Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse as array

Visit the CoinPayment API Keys page, under Actions, click on the Edit Permissions button. Enter the IP address of your API endpoint (e.g. your website server) in the Restrict to IP/IP Range input. Leaving it empty, may cause this error to occur.


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