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This is a PHP library for communicating with the XRP Ledger.

In addition to wrapping the rippled API, it validates method/transaction parameters and normalizes responses.

Refer to the API Documentation in the Ripple Developer Portal for methods, parameters, and expected responses.


This project implements PSR-7 via the use of HTTPLUG so the developer can select the HTTP Client best suited for their architecture.

If you do not have a preference, simply run the command below and proceed to the installation section.



Retrieve Balance

See Exception Handling for more control over handling errors.


Unit Testing

Run the unit test suite:

Run test coverage:

Once you run the coverage command, open tests/coverage/index.html to view the report.

Functional Testing

Functional tests run code against a live server. Of course this should be run against a test server.

If you don't already have test accounts, create 2 and note the account id and secret for each.

The functional test suite loads endpoint and account info from .env.test.

If you haven't already, copy .env.test.dist to .env.test and add your account info.

FOXRP_ACCT_1_ID requires 100 XRP for the tests.

Use the following command to run the functional test suite.


PRs & New Issues are welcome!

XRP Tip Jar: rwSZu5vAgPEdoDpYx9qZtqtHRDcFwCooqw

Requires php Version >=7.1
php-http/client-implementation Version ^1.0
php-http/client-common Version ^1.7
php-http/discovery Version ^1.4
php-http/httplug Version ^1.1
psr/http-message Version ^1.0
php-http/message-factory Version ^1.0
symfony/process Version ^4.1

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