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Event Broker: AMQP

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This library for receive events from RabbitMQ and publish messages to AMQP.

Why this?

In many application we must use background processes for process any data or create/update/delete any entries. For this, we use AMQP and RabbitMQ. But, in base implementation of AMQP (PHP Extension and PHPAmqpLib) we have some problems:

We full isolate this processes in this library for easy send message to exchange and easy receive the messages from queues.


All entries of AMQP have a custom definition. Each definition have custom parameters for declare the exchange or queue.


All entries of AMQP have a factory. It allow to create the real instances only on usage process.


We create a library with able to support any adapters for connect to broker. Out-of-the-box supported drivers are:


All documentation stored in /docs/ directory.


For easy development you can use the Docker.

Note: We use internal network for link the our library with rabbitmq for testing and development.

Note for debugging you can expose 15672 port for access to management plugin.

After success run and attach to container you must install vendors:

Before create the PR or merge into develop, please run next commands for validate code:

Requires php Version ^7.4 | ^8.0

The package fivelab/amqp contains the following files

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