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Nova Field Dependency Container

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A container for grouping fields that depend on other field values. Dependencies can be set on any field type or value.





The package can be installed through Composer.


  1. Add the Epartment\NovaDependencyContainer\HasDependencies trait to your Nova Resource.
  2. Add the Epartment\NovaDependencyContainer\NovaDependencyContainer to your Nova Resource fields method.
  3. Add the Epartment\NovaDependencyContainer\ActionHasDependencies trait to your Nova Actions that you wish to use dependencies on.


The package supports four kinds of dependencies:

  1. ->dependsOn('field', 'value')
  2. ->dependsOnNot('field', 'value')
  3. ->dependsOnEmpty('field')
  4. ->dependsOnNotEmpty('field')
  5. ->dependsOnNullOrZero('field')

These dependencies can be combined by chaining the methods on the NovaDependencyContainer:

The fields used as dependencies can be of any Laravel Nova field type. Currently only two relation field types are supported, BelongsTo and MorphTo.

Here is an example using a checkbox:


BelongsTo dependency

If we follow the example of a Post model belongsTo a User model, taken from Novas documentation BelongsTo, the dependency setup has the following construction.

We use the singular form of the belongsTo resource in lower case, in this example Post becomes post. Then we define in dot notation, the property of the resource we want to depend on. In this example we just use the id property, as in

When the Post resource with id 2 is being selected, a Boolean field will appear.

BelongsToMany dependency

A BelongsToMany setup is similar to that of a BelongsTo.

The dependsOn method should be pointing to the name of the intermediate table. If it is called role_user, the setup should be

If the pivot field name occurs multiple times, consider using custom intermediate table models and define it in the appropiate model relation methods. The only reliable solution I found was using mutators to get/set a field which was being used multiple times. Although this may seem ugly, the events which should be fired on the intermediate model instance, when using an Observer, would work unreliable with every new release of Nova.

If Nova becomes reliable firing eloquent events on the intermediate table, I will update this examples with a more elegant approach using events instead.

Here is an (ugly) example of a get/set mutator setup for an intermediate table using a pivot field called type.

And now for the dependency container.

MorphTo dependency

A similar example taken from Novas documentation for MorphTo is called commentable. It uses 3 Models; Comment, Video and Post. Here Comment has the morphable fields commentable_id and commentable_type

For a MorphTo dependency, the following construction is needed.

Commentable becomes lower case commentable and the value to depend on is the resource singular form. In this example the dependency container will add two additional fields, Additional Text and Visible, only when the Post resource is selected.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

Requires php Version >=7.1.0

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