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Requires php Version >= 5.5
doctrine/lexer Version ^1.0.1

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Suported RFCs

This library aims to support:

RFC 5321, 5322, 6530, 6531, 6532.



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Getting Started

EmailValidatorrequires you to decide which (or combination of them) validation/s strategy/ies you'd like to follow for each validation.

A basic example with the RFC validation

Available validations

  1. RFCValidation
  2. NoRFCWarningsValidation
  3. DNSCheckValidation
  4. SpoofCheckValidation
  5. MultipleValidationWithAnd
  6. Your own validation


It is a validation that operates over other validations performing a logical and (&&) over the result of each validation.

How to extend

It's easy! You just need to implement EmailValidation and you can use your own validation.

Other Contributors

(You can find current contributors here)

As this is a port from another library and work, here are other people related to the previous one:


Released under the MIT License attached with this code.

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