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An extremely fast and efficient web scraper that can parse megabytes of invalid HTML in a blink of an eye.

You can use the familiar jQuery/CSS selector syntax to easily find the data you need.

In my unit tests, I demand it be at least 10 times faster than Symfony's DOMCrawler on a 3Mb HTML document. In reality, according to my humble tests, it is two-three orders of magnitude faster than DOMCrawler in some cases, especially when selecting thousands of elements, and on average uses x2 less RAM.

See tests/

API Documentation

💡 Features

🛠 Install

Just add this folder to your project and include_once 'hquery.php'; and you are ready to hQuery.

Alternatively composer require duzun/hquery

or using npm install hquery.php, require_once 'node_modules/hquery.php/hquery.php';.

⚙ Usage

Basic setup:

I would recommend using php-http/cache-plugin with a PSR-7 client for better flexibility.

Load HTML from a file

hQuery::fromFile( string $filename, boolean $use_include_path = false, resource $context = NULL )

Where $context is created with stream_context_create().

For an example of using $context to make a HTTP request with proxy see #26.

Load HTML from a string

hQuery::fromHTML( string $html, string $url = NULL )

Load a remote HTML document

hQuery::fromUrl( string $url, array $headers = NULL, array|string $body = NULL, array $options = NULL )

For building advanced requests (POST, parameters etc) see hQuery::http_wr(), though I recommend using a specialized (PSR-7?) library for making requests and hQuery::fromHTML($html, $url=NULL) for processing results. See Guzzle for eg.

PSR-7 example:

If you don't have cURL PHP extension, just replace php-http/curl-client with php-http/socket-client in the above command.

Another option is to use stream_context_create() to create a $context, then call hQuery::fromFile($url, false, $context).

Processing the results

hQuery::find( string $sel, array|string $attr = NULL, hQuery_Node $ctx = NULL )

🖧 Live Demo

On DUzun.Me

A lot of people ask for sources of my Live Demo page. Here we go:


🏃 Run the playground

You can easily run any of the examples/ on your local machine. All you need is PHP installed in your system. After you clone the repo with git clone, you have several options to start a web-server.

Option 1:
Option 2 (browser-sync):

This option starts a live-reload server and is good for playing with the code.

Option 3 (VSCode):

If you are using VSCode, simply open the project and run debugger (F5).


💖 Support my projects

I love Open Source. Whenever possible I share cool things with the world (check out NPM and GitHub).

If you like what I'm doing and this project helps you reduce time to develop, please consider to:

Requires php Version >=5.3

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