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Douce Crypto profile

Douce Crypto distribution is a simple Drupal 9 distribution for building a comprehensive list of live market capitalization data, charts and prices for over 100 crypto / Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP etc. with responsive design for all modern gadgets: computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones (landscape and portrait mode).

I have integrated the Crypto Compare site websocket & REST API for crypto currencies live steam.

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Requires composer/installers Version ^1.9
cweagans/composer-patches Version ~1.0
drupal/addtoany Version ^1.14
drupal/contact_block Version ^1.5
drupal/ctools Version ^3.4
drupal/default_content Version 2.0.0-alpha1
drupal/feeds Version 3.0-alpha9
drupal/field_group Version ^3.1
drupal/fontawesome Version ^2.17
drupal/pathauto Version ^1.8
drupal/superfish Version ^1.4
drupal/token Version ^1.9
drupal/twig_tweak Version ^3.0
drupal/views_arg_order_sort Version ^1.x-dev
drupal/bootstrap Version ^3.23
drush/drush Version ^10

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