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Doctrine Deprecations

A small (side-effect free by default) layer on top of trigger_error(E_USER_DEPRECATED) or PSR-3 logging.

We recommend to collect Deprecations using a PSR logger instead of relying on the global error handler.

Usage from consumer perspective:

Enable Doctrine deprecations to be sent to a PSR3 logger:

Enable Doctrine deprecations to be sent as @trigger_error($message, E_USER_DEPRECATED) messages.

If you only want to enable deprecation tracking, without logging or calling trigger_error then call:

Tracking is enabled with all three modes and provides access to all triggered deprecations and their individual count:

Suppressing Specific Deprecations

Disable triggering about specific deprecations:

Disable all deprecations from a package

Other Operations

When used within PHPUnit or other tools that could collect multiple instances of the same deprecations the deduplication can be disabled:

Disable deprecation tracking again:

Usage from a library/producer perspective:

When you want to unconditionally trigger a deprecation even when called from the library itself then the trigger method is the way to go:

If variable arguments are provided at the end, they are used with sprintf on the message.

When you want to trigger a deprecation only when it is called by a function outside of the current package, but not trigger when the package itself is the cause, then use:

Based on the issue link each deprecation message is only triggered once per request.

A limited stacktrace is included in the deprecation message to find the offending location.

Note: A producer/library should never call Deprecation::enableWith methods and leave the decision how to handle deprecations to application and frameworks.

Usage in PHPUnit tests

There is a VerifyDeprecations trait that you can use to make assertions on the occurrence of deprecations within a test.

What is a deprecation identifier?

An identifier for deprecations is just a link to any resource, most often a Github Issue or Pull Request explaining the deprecation and potentially its alternative.

Requires php Version ^7.1|^8.0

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