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Persist Admin notice Dismissals

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Simple framework library that persists the dismissal of admin notices across pages in WordPress dashboard.


Run composer require collizo4sky/persist-admin-notices-dismissal

Alternatively, clone or download this repo into the vendor/ folder in your plugin, and include/require the persist-admin-notices-dismissal.php file like so

or let Composer's autoloader do the work.

How to Use

Firstly, install and activate this library within a plugin.

Say you have the following markup as your admin notice,

To make it hidden forever when dismissed, add the following data attribute data-dismissible="disable-done-notice-forever" to the div markup like so:


When using the framework with an autoloader you must also load the class outside of the admin_notices or network_admin_notices hooks. The reason is that these hooks come after the admin_enqueue_script hook that loads the javascript.

Just add the following in your main plugin file.

Usage Instructions and Examples

If you have two notices displayed when certain actions are triggered; firstly, choose a string to uniquely identify them, e.g. notice-one and notice-two

To make the first notice never appear once dismissed, its data-dismissible attribute will be data-dismissible="notice-one-forever" where notice-one is its unique identifier and forever is the dismissal time period.

To make the second notice only hidden for 2 days, its data-dismissible attribute will be data-dismissible="notice-two-2" where notice-two is its unique identifier and the 2, the number of days it will be hidden is the dismissal time period.

You must append the dismissal time period to the end of your unique identifier with a hyphen (-) and this value must be an integer. The only exception is the string forever.

To actually make the dismissed admin notice not to appear, use the is_admin_notice_active() function like so:

Please note that if you cleanup after your plugin deletion please try to make the removal of stored options as specific as possible. Otherwise you may end up deleting the stored options from other projects.

A filter hook is available to return the proper URL to the Javascript file. An example usage is as follows, especially if this is being used in a theme.

The pand_theme_loader runs the following hook if true. You can directly change the URL to the Javascript file by using another hook in the following manner by changing the return value.

Cool beans. Isn't it?

Requires php Version >=5.4

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