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Informations about the package php-stl


This repository contains code for handling 3D models saved in STL format.

How to get it

The suggested installation method is via composer.

Add a dependency on chubv/php-stl to your project's composer.json file.


To get the model build the Reader and read the model from file

$model = STLReader::forFile(__DIR__ . '/stls/text.stl')->readModel();

You can use VolumeHandler to calculate volume of 3D model without STLModel object construction (memory consumption is proportional to model size) or write your own handler by implementing HandlerInterface and setting it to reader.


The PHPUnit version to be used is the one installed as a dev- dependency via composer:


It's under MIT. Look at LICENSE file.


Feel free to make pull requests or create issues. You can also contact me via e-mail v[at]

Requires php Version >=5.4.0

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