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After the download, you have to make one include require_once('vendor/autoload.php');. After that you have to import the classes with use statements.

If you use only one package a project is not needed. But if you use more then one package, without a project it is not possible to import the classes with use statements.

In general, it is recommended to use always a project to download your libraries. In an application normally there is more than one library needed.
Some PHP packages are not free to download and because of that hosted in private repositories. In this case some credentials are needed to access such packages. Please use the auth.json textarea to insert credentials, if a package is coming from a private repository. You can look here for more information.

  • Some hosting areas are not accessible by a terminal or SSH. Then it is not possible to use Composer.
  • To use Composer is sometimes complicated. Especially for beginners.
  • Composer needs much resources. Sometimes they are not available on a simple webspace.
  • If you are using private repositories you don't need to share your credentials. You can set up everything on our site and then you provide a simple download link to your team member.
  • Simplify your Composer build process. Use our own command line tool to download the vendor folder as binary. This makes your build process faster and you don't need to expose your credentials for private repositories.
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Informations about the package browser.php


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Helps detect the user's browser and platform at the PHP level via the user agent


You can add this library as a local, per-project dependency to your project using Composer:

composer require cbschuld/browser.php

If you only need this library during development, for instance to run your project's test suite, then you should add it as a development-time dependency:

composer require --dev cbschuld/browser.php

Typical Usage:

Browser Detection

This solution identifies the following Browsers and does a best-guess on the version:

Operating System Detection

This solution identifies the following Operating Systems:

History and Legacy

Detecting the user's browser type and version is helpful in web applications that harness some of the newer bleeding edge concepts. With the browser type and version you can notify users about challenges they may experience and suggest they upgrade before using such application. Not a great idea on a large scale public site; but on a private application this type of check can be helpful.

In an active project of mine we have a pretty graphically intensive and visually appealing user interface which leverages a lot of transparent PNG files. Because we all know how great IE6 supports PNG files it was necessary for us to tell our users the lack of power their browser has in a kind way.

Searching for a way to do this at the PHP layer and not at the client layer was more of a challenge than I would have guessed; the only script available was written by Gary White and Gary no longer maintains this script because of reliability. I do agree 100% with Gary about the readability; however, there are realistic reasons to desire the user.s browser and browser version and if your visitor is not echoing a false user agent we can take an educated guess.

I based this solution off of Gary White's original work but have since replaced all of his original code. Either way, thank you to Gary. Sadly, I never was able to get in touch with him regarding this solution.


The testing with PHPUnit against known user agents available in tests/lists. Each file is tab delimited with the following fields:

User Agent, User Agent Type, Browser, Version, Operating System, Operating System Version


Tests can be run by phpunit:

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Requires php Version >=7.2
Composer command for our command line client (download client) This client runs in each environment. You don't need a specific PHP version etc. The first 20 API calls are free. Standard composer command

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