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This is a self-contained PHP implementation of BTCPayServer's cryptographically secure API:

Before you start

If your application requires BitPay compatibility go to this repository instead

The files in "examples" are migrated from previous versions and are UNTESTED. If someone can review the example files and improve them, please help out.

Important upgrade notes

Version 0.2.0

Version 0.1.2



Install Composer

Install using composer





Please see the docs directory for information on how to use this library and the examples directory for examples on using this library. You should be able to run all the examples by running php examples/File.php.

The examples/tutorial directory provides four scripts that guide you with creating a BTCPayServer invoice:


Requires php Version >=7.1
ext-bcmath Version *
ext-curl Version *
ext-json Version *
ext-openssl Version *

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