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Vat Checker Proxy Client

Latest Stable Version

This solution is a proxy client to validate VAT Numbers with Europa VIES and offer a solution to Magento instance that are issuing temporary "IP BLOCKED" or "IP BANNED". The proxy server should be installed in separate server with a distinct IP address from the server where the magento client is installed.

It aims to be used with Vat Checker Proxy Server for Magento 2.


Get the package

Composer Package:

Zip Package:

Unzip the package in app/code/Blackbird/VatCheckerProxyClient, from the root of your Magento instance.

Install the module

Go to your Magento root directory and run the following magento command:

Configure the module

The configuration path is Store/Configuration/Blackbird Extensions/Vat Checker Proxy Client.

You can check if your configuration is correct by going to Store/General/General/Store Information and enter your Country, and your VAT Number, then click "Validate VAT Number".



For further information, contact us:



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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