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With react-laravel you'll be able to use ReactJS components right from your Blade views, with optional server-side rendering, and use them on the client-side with React due to unobtrusive JavaScript.


V8js dependency

It's important to know that react-laravel has an indirect dependency of the v8js PHP extension.

You can see how to install it here: how to install v8js.


You just need to add this to your composer.json's "require":

Also you got to set the minimum-stability of your composer.json to dev, adding this:

Then run:

After that you should add this to your providers at the config/app.php file of your Laravel app:

And then run:

And the react.php file will be available at the config folder of your app.


After the installation and configuration, you'll be able to use the @react_component directive in your views.

The @react_component directive accepts 3 arguments:

All your components should be inside public/js/components.js (you can configure it, see below) and be global.

You must include react.js, react-dom.js and react_ujs.js (in this order) in your view. You can concatenate these files together using laravel-elixir.

react-laravel provides a ReactJS installation and the react_us.js file, they'll be at public/vendor/react-laravel folder after you install react-laravel and run:

For using the files provided by react-laravel and your components.js file, add this to your view:

If you'll use a different version from the one provided by react-laravel (see composer.json), you got to configure it (see below).


You can change settings to react-laravel at the config/react.php file:

All of them are optional.

Your components.js file should also be included at your view, and all your components must be at the window object.


This package is inspired at react-rails.

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Requires illuminate/support Version ~5.0
reactjs/react-php-v8js Version ~2.0
koala-framework/composer-extra-assets Version ~1.1

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