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All versions of split-blue with dependencies

Requires php Version ^5.5|^7.0
symfony/console Version ^2.2|^3.0
symfony/process Version ^2.2|^3.0
symfony/finder Version ^2.2|^3.0
symfony/filesystem Version ^2.2|^3.0

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API Blueprint renderer.

You can split your API blueprint document with request/response (text-plain, json, xml ...) files and include in your main document to easily maintenance.

If you need load mock server with these API blueprint documents you can process them to render all content in unique file (including content request/response files) and load this file in mock server like drakov or similar.

The html documentation will be generated from that unique file.


This tool use markdown-pp and aglio to include request/response files in API blueprint documents and generate html documentation.

You can execute shell script to install MarkdownPP and Aglio:

Or install step by step next commands:

Install markdown-pp

Install aglio

Install some dependencies with composer


Example apib file:

Where file Response\a.xml will have:

If you execute command `./bin/split-blue c from this tool you will generate two files:

The content of file Build/out.apib will be:

It will be ready to load in your mock server.

Generate HTML Documentation and files to load in Mock Server

Example 1:

It will try to search all files named like index.apib to process include sentences of that file and generate output files (out.apib and out.html) in folder Build, if this not exist it will create it in the same level that index.apib file

Example content index.apib:

So this command will generate files:

Example 2:

It will generate files:


You can execute integration tests with next command:


./bin/split-blue c md/example/MyAPI/V2

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