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=== Jetpack - WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth === Contributors: automattic, adamkheckler, aduth, akirk, allendav, alternatekev, andy, annezazu, apeatling, azaozz, batmoo, barry, beaulebens, biskobe, blobaugh, brbrr, cainm, cena, cfinke, chaselivingston, chellycat, clickysteve, csonnek, danielbachhuber, davoraltman, daniloercoli, delawski, designsimply, dllh, drawmyface, dsmart, dzver, ebinnion, egregor, eliorivero, enej, eoigal, erania-pinnera, ethitter, fgiannar, gcorne, georgestephanis, gibrown, goldsounds, hew, hugobaeta, hypertextranch, iammattthomas, iandunn, jblz, jasmussen, jeffgolenski, jeherve, jenhooks, jenia, jessefriedman, jgs, jkudish, jmdodd, joanrho, johnjamesjacoby, jshreve, kbrownkd, keoshi, koke, kraftbj, lancewillett, leogermani, lschuyler, macmanx, martinremy, matt, matveb, mattwiebe, maverick3x6, mcsf, mdawaffe, mdbitz, MichaelArestad, migueluy, mikeyarce, mkaz, nancythanki, nickmomrik, obenland, oskosk, pento, professor44, rachelsquirrel, rdcoll, ryancowles, richardmuscat, richardmtl, robertbpugh, roccotripaldi, samhotchkiss, scarstocea, scottsweb, sdquirk, sermitr, simison, stephdau, tmoorewp, tyxla, Viper007Bond, westi, yoavf, zinigor Tags: WP, backup, social, AMP, WooCommerce, malware, scan, spam, CDN, social Stable tag: 9.6 Requires at least: 5.6 Requires PHP: 5.6 Tested up to: 5.7

The best WP plugin for backup, anti spam, malware scan, CDN, AMP, social, search, contact form, and integrations with Woo, Facebook, Instagram, Google

== Description ==

= The most popular WordPress plugin for just about everything. =

Security, performance, marketing, and design tools — Jetpack is made by the WordPress experts to make WP sites safer and faster, and help you grow your traffic.

= 24/7 AUTO SITE SECURITY = We guard your site so you can run your site or business. Jetpack Security provides easy-to-use, comprehensive WordPress site security including auto real-time backups and easy restores, malware scanning, and spam protection. Essential features like brute force protection and downtime / uptime monitoring are free.

= PEAK SPEED AND PERFORMANCE = Get blazing fast site speed with Jetpack, the premier WP plugin built to leverage the power of AMP, a tool that helps optimize your site on mobile devices. Jetpack’s free CDN (content delivery network) auto optimizes your images. Watch your page load times decrease — we’ll optimize your images and serve them from our own powerful global network, and speed up your site on mobile devices to reduce bandwidth usage and save money!

= POWERFUL TOOLS FOR GROWTH = Create and customize your WordPress site, optimize it for visitors and revenue, and enjoy watching your stats tick up. Built it, share it, and watch it grow.

= EASY DESIGN TOOLS = Quickly customize your site to make it stand out — no coding needed.

= INTEGRATIONS = Jetpack is updated monthly to ensure seamless integration with top WordPress plugins and other tech products.

= EXPERT SUPPORT = We have a global team of Happiness Engineers ready to provide incredible support. Ask your questions in the support forum or contact us directly.


Installation is free, quick, and easy. Set up Jetpack in minutes. Take advantage of more robust features like site security and design and growth tools by upgrading to a paid plan.

== Installation ==

= Automated Installation =

Installation is free, quick, and easy. Set up Jetpack in minutes.

= Manual Alternatives =

Alternatively, install Jetpack via the plugin directory, or upload the files manually to your server and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need additional help read our detailed instructions.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Is Jetpack free? =

Yes! Jetpack's core features are and always will be free.

These include: site stats, a high-speed CDN for images, related posts, downtime monitoring, brute force attack protection, automated sharing to social networks, sidebar customization, SEO (search engine optimization) tools, and much more.

= Should I purchase a paid plan? =

It depends on your site and what kind of protection, performance, and design you need. If you make money from your site, the answer is often “yes.” For context, Jetpack's paid services include real-time backups, security scanning, premium themes, spam filtering, video hosting, site monetization, search, priority support, and more.

To learn more about the essential security and WordPress services we provide and see how we can improve your site, visit our plans page.

= Why do I need a account? =

Since Jetpack and its services are provided and hosted by, a account is required for Jetpack to function.

= I already have a WordPress account, but Jetpack isn't working. What's going on? =

A account is different from the account you use to log into your self-hosted WordPress. If you can log into, then you already have a account. If you can’t, you can easily create oneduring installation.

= How do I view my stats? =

Once you’ve installed Jetpack, your stats will be available on your Jetpack dashboard and through the official WordPress mobile app.

= How do I contribute to Jetpack? =

There are opportunities for developers at all levels to contribute. Learn more about contributing to Jetpack or consider joining our beta program.

= What else does Jetpack include? =

Jetpack is the ultimate toolkit for WP for both the classic editor and the block editor, giving you everything you need for a professional site. It includes the following features:

= What Blocks does Jetpack include? =

Blocks are the individual sections that make up a page. There are many block types for you to use. Each block can be edited or moved independently of other blocks. The following is a list of all blocks currently available in Jetpack.

Jetpack has also created extensions for some WordPress core blocks:

= Do I need an SSL certificate? =

You don’t need an SSL Certificate to run Jetpack on your WordPress website. However, it’s recommended to integrate them both into your overall security strategy. An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer certificate) creates a secure connection between your website and your site visitors’ browsers. It encrypts any data shared on your site — like addresses, emails, phone numbers, and credit card information — and protects that data from hackers.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, your site will show a “not secure” warning on users’ browsers, which can reduce your legitimacy in their eyes. SSL certificates also have a positive impact on search engine rankings.

The process of setting up an SSL certificate will depend on your hosting provider. Some hosts include free certificates, while others charge annually.

= How does Jetpack work with WP Super Cache? =

WP Super Cache works by caching your WordPress pages as static HTML pages so that page requests, for an already cached page, do not need to be processed by the WordPress PHP scripts. Typically, most visitors of your site will view cached versions of the WordPress pages, so your server will have more processing power to serve an increased number of users.

Jetpack has an image CDN that works by caching and serving your WordPress images globally from its own servers. These plugins are both maintained by Automattic and work together to give you ultimate site speed.

= What version of PHP do I need? =

Sites must be built on PHP 5.6 or greater, but Jetpack always supports the latest version of PHP.

= Can Jetpack help my site comply with GDPR? =

Our Cookie and Consent Banner can help you comply with GDPR. The European Union’s ePrivacy Directive (often referred to as the ‘cookie law’) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) place requirements on website owners and operators to provide information about, and gain consent for their use of cookies.

== Screenshots ==

  1. Jetpack Security provides easy-to-use, comprehensive WordPress site security including backups, malware scanning, and spam protection.
  2. Save every change with real-time backups and get back online quickly with one-click restores.
  3. Automated malware scanning and one-click fixes keep your site one step ahead of security threats.
  4. Promote your newest posts, pages, and products across your social media channels.

== Changelog ==

9.7-beta - 2021-04-27


Improved compatibility

Bug fixes

See the previous changelogs here


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